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Follow These Tips, and Your Clothes Will Be As Good As New

Follow These Tips, and Your Clothes Will Be As Good As New

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2 Feb

Follow These Tips, and Your Clothes Will Be As Good As New

Buying new clothes is always exciting, but storing, preserving, and recycling clothes can also be fun. Whether you like to collect clothes or practice minimalism, a few organizing and cleaning hacks will add value and quality to your wardrobe.

In the age of excessive consumerism and ever-rising inflation, anyone can benefit from closet tips that make your clothes last longer. This helps you hold onto precious clothes you found after several mall splurges and helps you make sustainable lifestyle choices.


Start By Organizing Your Closet

The first step of caring for your clothes is to ensure you have everything you need and let go of everything you don’t. Things that you love deserve to get the space they need. According to the lifestyle magazine, Taste of Home, this is the mantra of the organization expert Marie Kondo.

She advises sorting by categories, and for clothes especially, she has invented the KonMari method: a vertically stacking formula in which you stack your clothes upright so you can see them and be grateful for them. Specific folding techniques also ensure they remain wrinkle-free.


A woman sitting on the floor with scattered clothes and shoes in the background.


When considering a major wardrobe renovation, you can easily benefit from the top-quality dry cleaning, pressing, and folding services offered at Sterling Cleaners.


Dry Cleaning and Pressing

It is important to note that your clothes are actually better than they look. With proper care and attention to detail, you can retain the colors and textures of your outfits. Whether it is your oh-so-precious wedding gown or other formal wear and casual outfits, the best dry cleaning service in DC will have everything looking and feeling as good as new.


Be Gentle and Wash Each Area Differently

The NY Times conducted a poll with professional cleaners and domestic laundry enthusiasts and found that washing gently and precisely is the key to keeping clothes looking fresh. Each article and the different parts of articles, like collars and sleeves on shirts, require different degrees of hand washing and air drying.

Such precision can be managed by a dry cleaning and pressing service provider in DC, like Sterling Cleaners.


White shirt with a collar and top button open


Make Everything Look New With Sterling Cleaners

Sterling Cleaners promises budget-friendly and eco-friendly cleaning services that will rehash your old clothes and make them look better. We take taking care of your clothes very seriously and take pride in following all the guidelines issued by CDC (Centre for Disease Control), DLA (Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute), and OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Contact us now to learn more about how you can benefit from our services, or click on the Free Instant Quote option on our site to get a 30% off on your first order!

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