Dry Cleaning & Alterations-Price list


We’ve all got those pesky specialty items, such as elaborate gowns or outfits consisting of fine silk and chenille, custom suede or leather jackets, hand-woven bedding, designer purses, antique rugs and other articles. Whether you just can’t seem to find the time in your busy schedule to get to the cleaners or aren’t sure how to best launder a given item, let Imperial Valet ease your mind and care for your articles as is intended.

A One-Stop Shop For All Your Dry Cleaning Needs

Safety and sanitation are one of our many priorities. Sterling Cleaners follow all the guidance issued by the Agencies as CDC (Center for Disease Control), ALM (Association for Linen Management), DLI (Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute International) and OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in order to stay current with our infection control procedures to insure your continued safety. The CDC advises that the dry cleaning process, which includes cleaning and pressing, is effective on most viruses. On top of that Sterling Cleaners utilize a Laundry Sanitizer that is EPA ( United States Environmental Protection Agency) registered.  When used in our final rinse, it leaves behind a finish that is both self-sanitizing and bacteriostatic. The laundry sanitizer will eliminate 99.9% of bacteria that is acquired in use. The finish also remains active on the textile surface with a residual, self-sanitizing coating that aids in the prevention of cross-contamination. 

Need to dry clean or alter a formal outfit? We provide professional dry cleaning and alteration services for all types of formal outfits – be it formal wear, casuals and wedding gowns.

Our expert drycleaners handle each outfit with utmost care. No matter how tricky your outfit may be, we get the job done in no time. Our quick turnaround and attention to detail has made us a reliable name for wedding gown dry clean and alterations in DC Metropolitan.

Dry cleaning options & pricing include:

Pants $9.95
Shirt (Laundry) $3.85
Blouse $8.75
Dress $16.50
Skirt $9.25
3 Piece Suit 27.20
2 Piece Suit $20.70
Tie $6.50
Sweater $9.25
Jacket/Blazer $11.25
Top Coat $18.50
Wash & Fold $2.25/LB

Prices are subject to change.

More Info

Lead by a supervising tailor, our expert team provides an array of alterations to fit any need. Alterations offered include: lengthening or shortening in the legs or arms, pleat removal, pocket removal, vent removal, cuff & collar replacement, re-cutting of shoulders, the addition of shoulder pads or darts, and taking in sides and armholes. Inquire about custom projects: There’s no job too big or too complex for our team to complete successfully.

Pricing options:

Prices start at $10.00 for shirts, pants and skirts and $20.00 for jackets and final prices are dependent on the nature of the work. Prices are subject to change without further notice. We reserve the right to change our product’s prices at any time without further notice.

All work is done on premises by our tailors. Garments must be clean prior to fittings, and all dresses must be brought in for fittings prior to price estimation.

Bringing You the Best in Professional Dry-Cleaning and Alteration

There’s no point spending hundreds of dollars on an expensive dress or thousands on a wedding gown, if it gets tarnished and remains spoiled for the rest of its lonesome existence.

At Imperial Valet, we believe every article of clothing deserves to be worn more than a few times, especially the ones you love!

If you’re seeking exceptional dry cleaning, tailoring and pressing services near you, look no further! Whether you need alterations for a designer dress or an old pair of pants – we’ve got it covered!

Imperial Valet is the one stop source for all your dry cleaning, pressing, and tailoring needs. Our dry cleaning services are fast, effective, and affordable, with no item too complicated for our team of experts to take on. Our tailoring services include alterations, which can comprise of lengthening or shortening hems, removal of pockets, pleats, or vents, replacing cuffs and collars, or taking in the clothing by a few inches. Additionally, we also offer a wedding gown preservation service. Send in your trickiest outfits for dry clean or alteration, and we guarantee a smooth and successful job.