Office and Residential FREE Pickup and Delivery

Safety and sanitation are one of our many priorities. Sterling Cleaners follow all the guidance issued by the Agencies as CDC (Center for Disease Control), ALM (Association for Linen Management), DLI (Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute International) and OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in order to stay current with our infection control procedures to insure your continued safety. The CDC advises that the dry cleaning process, which includes cleaning and pressing, is effective on most viruses. Sterling Cleaners utilizes a Laundry Sanitizer that is EPA ( United States Environmental Protection Agency) registered.  When used in our final rinse, it leaves behind a finish that is both self-sanitizing and bacteriostatic. The laundry sanitizer will eliminate 99.9% of bacteria that is acquired in use. The finish also remains active on the textile surface with a residual, self-sanitizing coating that aids in the prevention of cross-contamination. 

No one should have to dread going home to a pile of dirty laundry after work, nor should anyone sport unsightly stains or busted seams for the rest of a work day. Instead, enlist the services of Imperial Valet and let our FREE in Office and Residential Valet Service meet all of your laundering and dry cleaning needs. In office valet includes tailoring, shoe repairs and shoe shine services, dry cleaning and laundering. Please allow three to four days for turnaround. Please note that there is a five-item minimum (or 10lb of wash and fold) .


How it works

1. Place your order using our Client Portal  (or give us a call 202.785.1444).
2. A Sterling delivery agent will pick up your laundry during your scheduled pick up time.
3. Your clothes come back NOT JUST CLEAN BUT STERLING CLEAN on your scheduled delivery date.

Dry cleaning and laundry pricing:

Shirt (Laundry) $3.85
Tie $6.50
Blouse $8.75
Dress $16.50
Skirt $9.25
3 Piece Suit $27.20
2 Piece Suit $20.70
Pants $9.95
Sweater $9.25
Jacket/Blazer $11.25
Top Coat $18.50
Wash & Fold $2.25/LB