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How To Find A Reliable Green Dry-Cleaning Service

How To Find A Reliable Green Dry-Cleaning Service

A bar of green organic soap and a brush are placed on top of white towels.
1 Jan

How To Find A Reliable Green Dry-Cleaning Service

Most residents of Washington, DC, are concerned about their environmental impact and want to shift to an eco-friendly laundry service provider. But there are other reasons for going green.

Clothes dry-cleaned using green products look and feel better since no toxic chemicals have been used on them, preserving their shine and quality. Here are some important signs to help you identify a green dry-cleaning service near you.


1. Organic, Toxin-Free Cleaning Agents

Perhaps the first sign you should look for is the kind of cleaning agents your dry-cleaning service provider uses. Agents containing the chemical perc should be avoided at all costs since it’s harmful not just to the environment, but studies have also shown it to be extremely harmful to employees working at laundromats.

2. Water And Energy-Saving Methods

Another indicator of a green dry-cleaning service is using techniques and processes to conserve water and energy. Laundromats typically require extensive amounts of water and energy to run their day-to-day functions, so you should look for service providers that are recycling their water and using energy-efficient machines and lighting to reduce their carbon footprint.


A phone showing a recycle sign placed on top of a white mesh bag.


3. Bio-Degradable Packaging

Some green dry-cleaning companies will also make use of eco-friendly materials in their packaging. These include replacing wire hangers and plastic coverings with bio-degradable alternatives to reduce waste. But this alone isn’t enough.

Laundromat companies should ideally recycle their packaging materials, as even bio-degradable materials take time to decompose.


4. Wet-Cleaning Services

Finally, companies claiming to be green should be questioned about their wet-cleaning services as well. A reliable green dry-cleaning company will use soaps with organic, bio-degradable components along with a gentle steam press. This ensures that the fibers of your clothing aren’t damaged during the cleaning process.


Green Dry-Cleaning Service In Washington, DC

If you’re a resident of Washington, DC, then you don’t need to look any further than Imperial Valet Services Inc. to avail of green dry-cleaning services. All our services and cleaning processes are environment-friendly, ensuring that no toxic chemicals are released into the ecosystem. Some of our services include shoe repair, pick-up & delivery, laundry wash &fold, and commercial laundry services, including some others.

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