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Efficient Hacks To Maintain Leather

Efficient Hacks To Maintain Leather

Stained leather jacket hanging on the wall
7 Jul

Efficient Hacks To Maintain Leather

If you own leather clothing, you know it can be a pain to keep it clean.

However, with these simple tips and tricks from our experts at Sterling Cleaner, you can easily make leather cleaning look like an easy job.

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Invest In A Leather Cleaner 

Leather is a tricky material to keep clean. On the one hand, it’s strong and durable, making it ideal for clothing. But on the other hand, leather can be susceptible to staining and fading if it isn’t properly cared for. That’s why investing in a good leather cleaner and conditioner is important. These products will help keep your leather clothing looking its best for years.


Regularly Clean Your Leather

Be sure to clean your leather regularly using a soft brush. You can also use a mild soap and water solution, but test it on a small patch first. When cleaning leather, always avoid harsh chemicals or soaps as they can damage the material.


Remove Dirt And Stains Easily

If you see signs of dirt or stains on your leather clothing, don’t fear. There is an easy hack to get rid of it. A water and vinegar mixture is the answer. All you have to do is take one part vinegar and one part water and rub the mixture into the affected area. The dirt and stains will come right off.

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Moisturize It To Prevent The Leather From Cracking

If you have a leather piece that’s starting to look dry or cracked, don’t worry, there are easy ways to fix it. One hack is to apply some olive oil to the affected area. This will help moisturize and protect your leather clothing to last longer.

Another tip is to store your leather in a cool, dry place when you’re not wearing it. ‘Don’t expose your leather jacket to direct sunlight.


Cleaned leather jackets hanging on a rack at our dry cleaning service in DC


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