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Reasons Why Your Laundry May Be Triggering Your Allergies

Reasons Why Your Laundry May Be Triggering Your Allergies

6 Jun

Reasons Why Your Laundry May Be Triggering Your Allergies

We don’t have to tell you how frustrating allergies can be. We all have experienced them in one form or the other. If your fresh laundry suddenly gives you a bad rash on your body or a bad cough because of the odor, the most likely possibility is that the detergent is not suitable for you. Even if you have used the same detergent before, but allergies have just started showing up, that could still be because some new ingredient was recently added to the detergent.

Our expert launderers at Sterling Cleaners are here to explain why your allergies are acting up.


There’s Too Much Detergent

If you’re putting too much detergent with every load because you think it’ll clean your clothes better, then we’ve got news for you. It won’t. Not only will it wear out your clothes, but this could be the main source of your allergies. You need to add the recommended amount of detergent. Detergent manufacturers are experts at what they’re producing, so just follow their guidelines.

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Minimize Humidity

You can always find excess humidity in the laundry room. Mold and mildew love humid environments and find their way inside your house to trigger your allergy. If there are windows in your laundry, keep them open for better air ventilation. Invest in a dehumidifier if windows are not a viable option for you. You need to keep the humidity low in your laundry room.

Use Hot Water for Your Pet Dander Allergy

Pet dander allergies can be notorious. The easiest way to prevent it from triggering is to use hot water to wash your clothes. Hot water is the only way the smallest fur of your pet will wash away from your clothes.


Clean Your Washer Properly

If you don’t clean your washer properly and regularly, you may find some leftover detergent from your last wash getting mixed with your new wash. Even your fresh laundry won’t be fresh then and can cause rashes on your body. Not leaving the door of your washer open will trap the moisture inside for too long, leading to unnatural mold and mildew growth. Dryer lint buildup can also trigger your allergies. To avoid all that, clean your washer properly and leave the door open for some time to let it dry.


A woman loading the washer for the next wash


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