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Worn Out Shoes: Repair vs. Replacement

Worn Out Shoes: Repair vs. Replacement

10 Oct

Worn Out Shoes: Repair vs. Replacement

Worn Out Shoes: Repair vs. Replacement

With capitalism and consumerism taking over the world, there is a rapid production of low quality shoes in bulk quantity.

The life of a shoe depends on its quality and material. A leather shoe made by an expert shoemaker will last you anywhere between 3 to 5 years. The sole of the shoe might get damaged due to wear and tear and would need to be replaced in about 6 months or so.

Before throwing the worn-out shoes in the garbage, think about some rational reasons to get your shoes either repaired or replaced.  

Reasons to Get Your Shoes Repaired

Environmentally Friendly

It is better to get your worn-out shoes repaired to take away from taxing production emissions. The earth’s natural resources like leather and rubber will be conserved as new shoes won’t be made.

Purchase quality shoes so that you don’t have to keep disposing them for new ones. When superior quality materials are used, shoes don’t get worn out easily. Even when they do, it is easy to get them repaired.

A few lose threads or stitching is much cheaper for the earth and the environment than having to purchase and replace shoes every few months.

Save Big Bucks

The art of shoe repairing is a blessing for all those who want to save their hard-earned money. The cost of getting your broken sole stitched up or your broken heel glued back is a fraction of the price of new shoes.

Maintain the Comfort and Fit

The meticulous shoe repair work needs to be applauded and cherished for eternity. Imagine never being able to wear your most comfortable pair of shoes again. It sounds tragic.

You can enjoy the comfort and the fit of your broken and worn out shoes after the cobbler has done its magic. They even stitch the stretched-out fabric so that the shoe can retain its original shape and fit.

Reasons to Get Your Shoes Replaced


Damaged sole

If the bottom soles of the shoes get torn, has holes in them and are no longer feasible to wear, it is time to re

place them.

If the insoles have weathered and aged with time and the material has withered, the shoes insoles need to be replaced as well.

Broken Heels

Get your high stiletto and platform heels replaced by a professional cobbler service. If your heel has chipped, cracked or has come loose, you can replace that part instead of buying another expensive pair.

Worn beyond repair

If the shoes have been repaired multiple times and still not lasted you more than a few months, it is time to replace them with new better-quality shoes.

Contact a Professional Shoe Repair Service

If you have shoes that need to be repaired, stitched or the soles and heels need to be replaced, contact a professional shoe repair service.

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