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What are My Options If I Hate Doing Laundry?

What are My Options If I Hate Doing Laundry?

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6 Jun

What are My Options If I Hate Doing Laundry?

Doing the laundry is one of harsher realities of every adult’s life and still most of us spend our days avoiding it. The Houston Chronicle reports nearly 50 pounds of laundry being done on a weekly basis in an average American household, which accounts for over 7 loads.

With a single load of laundry taking more than an hour it’s no wonder that according to a survey conducted by Mental Floss, 37% of Americans absolutely hate doing laundry, making it the most dreaded chore.

These stats have made way for the laundry industry to introduce dry cleaning services in Washington for customers.

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Wash and Fold Service

For DC residents, our dry cleaning services in Washington at Imperial Valet Sterling Cleaners are one of the best in the city. It doesn’t matter what type of fabric you have or where you’re located in the city. Our free pickup and delivery service is just what you need to ensure efficient and timely laundry cleanup.

Being experts in commercial and residential laundry cleaning, we are able to handle all types of stains and materials. With our services you get;

  • Full wash, dry and fold
  • Corporate and executive laundry solutions
  • Reliable cleaning methods
  • Premium quality dryers thatdon’t wring or twist the clothes
  • Eco-friendly wash and clean solutions especially when it comes to dry cleaning
  • Freshly pressed clothes at doorstep on a timely manner

Divide and Conquer

Now for the people outside of Washington, Virginia and Maryland who are unable to find a reliable and efficient cleaning service in their area, the best option is to apply the divide and conquer policy. Here’s a two pronged divide and conquer approach.

  • Instead of spending the whole weekend doing laundry, do it at least twice a week to keep both load and time to minimum.
  • Enlist the help of other people—especially kids— around the house. Make it a family affair.

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If you are a parent, don’t think it’s your sole responsibility to do the laundry. Involving kids in chores is one of the best ways to keep them on their toes and bond with them.

Make it Fun

Put on some music or take it up a notch and make a laundry playlist. Another way to make laundry less boring is catching up with friends on phone. Put the phone on speaker while you wash and dry or put on a movie during the folding process.

Doing laundry may never become anyone’s favorite task so the least you can do is take what’s available and make it enjoyable.

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