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Wedding Dress Hustles 101: A Complete Guide

Wedding Dress Hustles 101: A Complete Guide

A bride-to-be trying on her wedding dress
10 Oct

Wedding Dress Hustles 101: A Complete Guide

You’ve dreamt of flaunting an ethereal wedding dress since you were a little girl, but the time’s here, and the stress of wedding dress shopping and alterations is getting on your nerves.

From finding the perfect dress to the final reveal, each step of buying your wedding dress is exciting yet extremely daunting. Several questions make rounds in your head—“Is this the right dress for me?” “What style should I go for?” “Will the dress fit me well?” and so on.

Keep this guide handy to make your wedding dress hustles stress-free and memorable (in a good way!)

Set a Budget

Finding your dream dress that’s out of your budget is heart-wrenching. Save yourself the pain and set a budget before stepping out on the hunt. Don’t feel embarrassed or afraid to tell the price range to your dress consultant. It narrows your choices and helps you pick a dress that exceeds your expectations.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider choosing a dress from the sample dresses to find a great bargain.

Make Your Entourage

The key to finding the perfect wedding dress is having an excellent bride tribe. Wise opinions and honest critique from your bridesmaid, mother, or sister help you pin the perfect dress quickly and easily. Don’t feel pressure to bring a huge entourage of aunts, cousins, and friends—in short, focus on the quality, not quantity.

Get To Know Your Body

You must’ve pinned and saved numerous gowns on your social media account but be open about your choices. Your perception and requirement may alter once you start trying on different styles.

Do you have your sight set on a specific dress? Do you like satin more than lace? Do you want to show off a specific part of your body? Do you want it elegant or playful?

Answer these critical pre-considerations and get to know your body shape and silhouette. Moreover, choose a fabric that suits the climate of your wedding location.

Beautiful wedding gowns for alterations

Prepare At Least Nine Months Ahead!

A typical wedding gown making takes at least six months. Additionally, there is a minimum of three fitting sessions that take up a month or two. So plan a year if you can; you’ll thank us later.

Make Sure It Fits Just Right

Congratulations! You’ve found your dream dress, but that doesn’t mean the process is over just yet. It’s time to ensure your gown fits you perfectly—this is where we come in. Whether it’s a necessary hemline adjustment or bustle additions, getting an expert on board saves you a lot of energy and time.

At Imperial Valet Sterling Cleaners, we offer high-quality, affordable wedding gown alteration services in Washington. Feel free to ask questions and be vocal about your dress-fitting preferences because our experts know it all!

Contact us today or learn more about our services here.

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