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What To Wear To Prepare For a Wedding Dress Fitting

What To Wear To Prepare For a Wedding Dress Fitting

1 Jan

What To Wear To Prepare For a Wedding Dress Fitting

Time to get you a dress you have dreamed of! A perfect fit that reflects your personal style and makes you stand out on your big day!

You’ve bought your dress online at a great deal. Now, all it needs is a great fitting. RememberWedding gown, it’s not so much the design of the dress that makes a bride beautiful, it’s also how well it’s fitted.

Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind before you go for a dress fitting:


Shop for Your Underwear First

Getting your underwear will give you an exact idea of what your dress will look like on the final day.

If you are wearing a shoulder less or V-neck dress or say a lacy number, you will want to ensure that you are comfortable in the choice of your underwear. The only way to ensure this is by wearing a similar one on the fitting day.

Furthermore, if you are planning to wear body-shaper, take it along or wear it underneath. It will make a huge difference.

No Makeup Is The Way to Go!

Everyone is well aware that white and makeup don’t get along too well. This means if you wear makeup to your fitting, you might just stain your dress.

Accidents happen!

Unplanned mishaps might occur more often than not. Think an accidental tear; pearls/sequins falling off; loose threads. Not a pretty sight.

Watch out for any of these. Tread carefully around the dress. If you notice imperfections, have your tailor fix it immediately.

Gorgeous wedding gown

Come Armed with the Bridal Shoes

If you’re planning on wearing high heels on your wedding day, take them along for your fitting. Your tailor will need to know if he needs to alter the length of the dress. A few inches could make a whole difference to the final look of the gown.

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