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Top Reasons To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Top Reasons To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

12 Dec

Top Reasons To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Once the big day is done and dusted, brides have to make the decision of whether they want to keep their dress or not. Some brides choose to sell it, others rent it out, and a few might even choose to do an epic photoshoot that includes diving off into a pier.

However, most brides opt to keep their wedding dress. They have it dry cleaned and preserved carefully. And in some families, holding onto the wedding dress is even a tradition.

Here are some reasons to consider having your dress preserved:

Your child or grandchild might want it

The tradition of passing down a wedding dress is beyond sentimental. It’s a way to express love, and is akin to passing down good wishes and blessings on the bride to be. Save your wedding dress for your child or other children in the family, should they want it. They can have it altered to their size and have accents added or removed to personalize it.

Photoshoot done with a wedding dress

Sell it, it’s an asset

If you’re not in favor of keeping your wedding dress for whatever reason, selling it is a great option. Another bride could utilize the beautiful dress, particularly if they can’t afford a brand new one. And you get some money off it—it’s a win-win. You can also have it restored and kept as an asset for a rainy day. Sell it when you’re tight on money to pay bills, should that ever happen.

In remembrance of your big day

Even if you don’t plan on wearing the dress again, it’s still a piece that’s incredibly special. There are so many memories attached to a wedding dress, the way you felt, the beginning of a new chapter in your life, special moments with your family, the celebration, etc. To truly preserve the memories of the dress, it’s essential to have it professionally cleaned to remove oxidized makeup, dirt, food, and any other stains.

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