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Top Reasons To Dry Clean Summer Dresses

Top Reasons To Dry Clean Summer Dresses

A group of women wearing light summer dresses
8 Aug

Top Reasons To Dry Clean Summer Dresses

With summer in full swing, there’s nothing we’re more excited about than our favorite flowy dresses. But with such frequent use and washes, they get worn out pretty soon. The big question is: can we do anything to make our favorite summer dresses last longer? The answer is yes, and the solution is simple: get them dry cleaned!

Dry cleaning ensures your dresses look fresh and crisp throughout the season and don’t lose their shine. You could clean them at home too, but here’s why it’s better to drop them off at dry cleaner’s instead.

No shrinkage

Imagine plopping the flowy white dress so much, only to find it a little tighter than you remembered wearing it last. And no, the reason isn’t that you’ve stopped counting your calories! The top reason why we recommend dry cleaning is to avoid shrinkage. During the manufacturing process, the yarn in the fabric is stretched to make the final outfit. When washed with water, the fabric gets wet, and after it dries, it shrinks.

Dry cleaning doesn’t use water, saving clothes from shrinkage and turning a size smaller.

Not letting the sweat set in

Summertime also means profuse sweating. Summery fabrics absorb most sweat keeping you cool and fresh. But sweat that stays on your clothes can cause damage.

When the bacteria in sweat comes in contact with the fabric, it breaks down sweat compounds, causing discoloration in clothes. Clothes sustain persistent yellow stains or faded patches.

Regular dry cleaning doesn’t let the sweat set onto the clothes, preventing discoloration of clothes. It also eliminates sweat odor, leaving a fresh and fragrant smell.

Protect against antiperspirants damage

Another staining agent at play is deodorant or antiperspirant. Aluminum compounds in deodorants block sweating. When the sweat and deodorant come in contact with clothing together, they leave persistent yellow stains.

The stains can be incredibly stubborn, and a gentle hand wash at home can’t remove them from your summer clothes. Drycleaners use special solvents and treatments to remove these stains effectively without damaging the clothes.

Gentler cleaning

There’s no doubt that summer clothes require frequent washes and cleaning. However, regular cleaning in a washing machine can prove detrimental to the fabric and clothing. Regular exposure to detergent, water, and the aggressive washing machine cleaning damages fibers, reducing the life of the fabric.

Image filename – lace-summer-dress

Image Alt Text – A woman wearing a dry-cleaned lace dress

Some fabrics, such as lace, chiffon, and silk are often used for flowy, summery outfits. These fabrics are too sensitive to be cleaned in washing machines and sustain significant damage during washing. Drycleaners use fabric-appropriate treatments to clean these articles of clothing to remove stains gently but effectively.

If you wish to make your summer clothes last longer, drop them off at Sterling Cleaners. Our dry cleaning services are one of the best in DC. Our staff is expertly trained and specializes in uns. Call us today and leave your beloved clothes in safe hands.

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