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Top Benefits Of Dry Cleaning Clothes

Top Benefits Of Dry Cleaning Clothes

Top Benefits Of Dry Cleaning Clothes

Every garment today comes with a tag that provides details on the best way to clean it. Certain more delicate fabrics and pieces of clothing require dry cleaning exclusively, like suits. If a garment tag states “dry clean only” you need to follow the instructions to a t, or else the pieces of clothing won’t last you as long.

Certain items like vintage clothing might not have any washing instructions on them. Their unique fabric could get ruined in the washing machine. If you’re unsure about the cleaning instruction of certain piece in your wardrobe, have it dry cleaned.

Here are some of the benefits of having clothes dry cleaned:

Clothes wont shrink

Certain fabrics shrink more than others, which means your piece of clothing might not fit you after a wash. A hot water cycle and high drying heat cause delicate fabrics to shrink considerably. Dry cleaning, however, ensures your clothes will remain true to their size.

Effective stain removal

While there are many DIY remedies to removing stains, they don’t really work that well. They cause damage to the fibers and can cause the fabric to fade. Dry cleaning is the best way to get rid of stubborn stains on clothes, after all, drycleaners are experts at dry cleaning wedding dresses. A wedding dress is usually made of fine white, fabric and is incredibly expensive, yet dry cleaners are able to restore them to look brand new.

Woolen clothes after being dry cleaned

The fibers of the clothes that solely require dry cleaning aren’t made for a heavy-duty wash cycle on your washing machine. They also cannot be put in the dryer as that will cause damage and cause the pieces to lose their shape, particularly a suit. Silk, rayon, certain cotton garments, and wool are some fabrics that require dry cleaning to maintain the look and texture of the garment.

Other than the fabric of the clothes, the adornments like lace, embroidery, embellishments, trims, and buttons can get damaged in the process of washing and drying the. A professional dry cleaner will be able to correctly care for items with such intricate detailing.

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