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Tips for Keeping Your Shoes in Shape

Tips for Keeping Your Shoes in Shape

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4 Apr

Tips for Keeping Your Shoes in Shape

Be it formal or casual, your shoes are a crucial part of your outfit. They hold the power to make or break your look. For most shoe-lovers, shoes aren’t just something they throw on to protect their feet—they consider shoes as a very important investment.

A pair of quality shoes improves your whole look and that’s why you want them to last a lifetime. However, your shoes require extra care for them to last longer.

Here are a few tips that can help you maintain your shoes to make them look good as new for longer:

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Rotating your Shoes

Rule number one! Your shoes require a break. If longevity of your shoes is what you desire, then try not to wear them for more than two consecutive days.

Using Shoe Bags for Storage

Have you ever wondered why your expensive shoes have their own casing for storage? You may place these shoes in that storage casing between their uses, in order to prevent any type of damage to your shoes. This is particularly important for leather shoes. Leather shoes wear out the quickest if they’re not taken care of with due diligence. Make sure you’re cleaning them with material-specific cleaners to keep your shoes damage-free.

Weatherproof your Shoes

Bad weather conditions are notorious for causing damage to many things, which includes your shoes. Consider using commercial water repellants on your shoes, so that rainy days don’t wear out your shoes. It’s better to consult a professional shoe repair dc company in case your shoes do get damaged.

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DIY Tips

A lot of people might try to maintain their shoes using basic DIY methods, which is all fine and well if the damage is minimal. There are a few ways you can address certain shoe-related issues that don’t always require services of a professional cobbler.

Here are some of these DIY hacks that can help you maintain your shoes:

  • Use glass cleaners to clean the patent leather of your shoes.
  • If you’ve got tiny nicks forming in your shoes, you can use a similar-colored nail polish to fill those nicks.
  • Use a diluted water and vinegar solution for removing salt stains from your shoes.
  • Use baby powder to remove oil stains.

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