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Do These Things Before Dropping Off Your Clothes For Professional Dry Cleaning

Do These Things Before Dropping Off Your Clothes For Professional Dry Cleaning

8 Aug

Do These Things Before Dropping Off Your Clothes For Professional Dry Cleaning

The only practical way to care for your beloved garments is with the help of professional dry cleaning.

It is a service most of us use at some point in time. However, not all of us are aware of how to get the most out of dry cleaning services.

For best results, make sure that you do these things before dropping off your garments:

Read The Manufacturer Instructions

Nothing will help you take care of your clothes better than reading the manufacturer instructions on the label. This way, you will know the specific steps you need to take to care for your garments. You should confirm that the label says ‘dry clean’.

If there are no labels present, head to a professional dry cleaning service and let them take care of the garment.

Are There Stains?

If you are heading down to the dry cleaner because of some stains that don’t seem to vanish with machine washing, make sure that you let the dry cleaner know. Most stains require special attention, which makes it important for the staff to know. It will also make the cleaning process easier and help the pros ensure your satisfaction with their services.

shirt checkingIs There Any Damage?

Are there any loose threads or missing buttons? Take a few minutes to inspect each piece of clothing you pass on to dry cleaning services. Also consider letting the dry cleaning service know as they might be able to repair your clothes.

Store Your Clothes In A Container When Transporting

You don’t want your clothes to be sitting on the backseat under direct sunlight if you are delivering them. The best way is to put them in a bag and toss it in the trunk. Prolonged exposure to sunlight may weaken the garment fibers or fade the colors.

Make Sure That All Pockets Are Empty

Most of us tend to forget our stuff in the pockets when dropping off dirty laundry. We forget our keys, coins, money, wallet and even phones. It is a good idea to check all pockets before calling over a dry cleaning pickup.

If you are looking for free dry cleaning pickup and delivery, schedule it with us today.  Along with leading services for dry cleaning in DC, we also offer alterations and repairs.

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