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Suede Cleaning — How Professional Cleaning Can Save Costs

Suede Cleaning — How Professional Cleaning Can Save Costs

1 Jan

Suede Cleaning — How Professional Cleaning Can Save Costs

Suede can last you a lifetime with proper care and upkeep. Ensuring maximum usage from your suede shoes or jacket means taking a few precautions to keep it protected.

Avoiding prolonged and consistent exposure to sunlight is ideal, and constant cleaning and conditioning is required.

You can use protective sprays to shield the material and store suede items in areas with plenty of healthy airflow.

However, from time to time, suede needs proper cleaning. This may be due to unsightly marks from when someone stepped on it, or a stain that just won’t go away.

It may seem appealing to just buy a suede cleaning kits and have at it, but that can get expensive and time consuming. A better idea is to send it off to a professional service for best results.

Time Is Of The Essence

As a popular saying goes—time is money. Taking the time out in a busy life full of other commitments to clean suede is not an appealing option. With the availability of professional cleaning services specializing in suede cleaning, you can skip the hours of toiling over a nasty stain on your suede shoes.

Instead, you can use that time to fulfill other responsibilities or just kick back and watch Netflix.

Dangerous DIYs

The internet is abound with damaging advice on how to DIY for your suede cleaning needs. Employing the wrong method could cost you even more in the long run.

For removing stubborn stains, in particular, home methods could result in damaging your suede product. Rather than watch the money spent on your suede shoes, couch or jacket go down the drain, a better bet would just be to invest in a professional cleaning service like ours.

Professionals Do It Better

Every stain is different. Whether it’s water, oil, grease, a fizzy drink, or some red wine—there are different ways to tackle each one.

While you may be able to blot out most of it at home, professionals are much better suited to dealing with stubborn suede stains. Professional cleaning is the way to go for a thorough job backed up by the knowledge of how to deal with particular stains in question.

While you may have heard about our dry cleaning and alterations services, we also provide customers with exceptional suede cleaning service.

We here at Imperial Valet know and appreciate that suede is a material that requires maintenance.

Our expertise in cleaning suede ensures the preservation of your product, keeping it just as good as new. For suede shoes, we also offer shoe repair in DC. Call us at (202) 785-1444 for all your cleaning needs!

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