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Shoe Maintenance And You – Keep These Tips In Mind!

Shoe Maintenance And You – Keep These Tips In Mind!

12 Dec

Shoe Maintenance And You – Keep These Tips In Mind!

It’s at the designer shoe store that you meet your love – the perfect pair of heels. It’s a match made in shoe heaven when you try it on and they fit, looking and feeling amazing!

Of course you snap up the pair without much thought.

Now that you have your dream shoes, you must find a way to extend its life for as long as possible.

Following are some helpful tips that should be implemented, as soon as a new pair of shoes is purchased.

Tip #1: Weatherproof Your Shoes Often

Bad weather is the destroyer of many things, including newly brought shoes. Consider giving the pair a spritz of commercial water repellant, when you step out on a rainy or snowy day/night. It’s a good idea to ask basic shoe care instructions from the retailer, as some commercial products can be harsh on the material.

Always give your shoes a thorough cleaning before spraying. Leather or suede should always be cleaned with the help of soft cloth or sponge (along with special cleaners).

Tip #2: Use Shoe Bags (That Originally Came With the Shoes) For Storing

Have you never wondered why designer shoes come in their own storage case? Placing them in the soft bag between each wear can help prevent structural damage of the shoes!

This is especially important for leather shoes as the material is prone to cracking if kept in a hot or dry place. So, make sure that your favorite pair of shoes is kept away from sunny spots as well as heating vents. Additionally you can apply commercial grade leather conditioner to keep the material (leather) intact and crack free.

Tip #3: Know What You Can Do For Your Shoes – And What You Can’t!

Most people will still try to perform a DIY job on their shoe. There are some repairs that can only be addressed adequately by a professional cobbler. Yes, there are some DIY jobs that can be done at home, like:

  • Glass cleaner can be used to clean patent leather
  • Tiny nicks can be filled with similar colored nail polish
  • Salt stains can be removed by using vinegar-water solution
  • Some oil stains can be removed by baby powder

The above DIY repair methods should be tried if your shoes are made of suede. Also, luxury shoes are a bit expensive. You can’t afford to ruin it with your DIY endeavors. Hand this job to professional shoe repair service in Washington DC, Imperial Valet. Call us today and get a free quote!

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