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Restoring Classic Sports Jerseys

Restoring Classic Sports Jerseys

Lakers basketball jersey with Kobe Bryant’s number
12 Dec

Restoring Classic Sports Jerseys

Having a classic sports jersey in your collection showcases your love for your favorite team or player. It could also be a vintage sports jersey that was handed down from a loved one who once played the sport. Whether you choose to wear your sports jerseys regularly or have them up on display, the garment should be in mint condition.

Sports jerseys are prone to stains, fading, tearing, and other forms of damage, and cleaning and restoring a sports jersey is an intricate job.

A dry cleaner will use multiple methods to restore a classic sports jersey to its former glory. Here’s what they are:

Dry cleaning

Sports jerseys come in a variety of materials, be it embroidery or panels with different fabric. Traditional washers and dryers aren’t ideal for sports jerseys as a result.

Hot water and the harsh motion of the appliance can cause the jersey to shrink or warp. The chemicals used in dry cleaning are the only safe way to keep this item of clothing clean. The chemicals used in dry cleaning also remove all traces of odor.

Stain removal

Stains on jerseys are particularly difficult to remove. They range from dirt to grass and even paint. So, avoid DIY stain removal techniques. They can cause damage to the fibers of the jersey, causing fading.

Depending on the area stained, the stain removal process will be different. Professionals use a couple of techniques like steam and spot water treatment to remove stains.

Removing wrinkles

Sports jerseys never look good when they’re wrinkled, whether they’re being worn or on display. Throwing the jersey into the dryer to remove wrinkles can cause damage, though. Dry cleaners use a steam iron to carefully remove any wrinkles meticulously. The jersey will also be stored carefully till you pick it up or it is delivered to you. We hang up all items to ensure they remain as neat as possible. When delivering clothes to our clients, we make sure they are in protective bags as well.

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