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Quick Tips To Eliminate That Smell Of Leather From Your Jacket

Quick Tips To Eliminate That Smell Of Leather From Your Jacket

Smell Of Leather
7 Jul

Quick Tips To Eliminate That Smell Of Leather From Your Jacket

3 people in the world are sniffing at the same bottle of perfume. One loves it and purchases the item immediately. The second person despises the overly sweet smell, placing the bottle back on the shelf. The third person doesn’t have a very avid sense of smell—he cannot discern whether the smell is sweet or musky.

You will be surprised to know many people hate the smell of leather, emanating from their newly purchased jacket or another clothing item.

What is the smell?

It cannot be described with absolute certainty but the general consensus sways between musty and earthy.

First Reason behind That Awful Leather Smell Are Chemicals

Newly tanned leather gives off a horrible stench that is difficult getting used to. This is because of the harsh chemicals and tanning agents used in the manufacturing process. Some of the most common, according to the EPA, are:

  • Alum
  • Formaldehyde
  • Syntans (man-made chemicals)
  • Trivalent chromium
  • Glutaraldehyde

Repeated wearing of the leather jacket can mask the smell, with your own sweat and dirt. However, there are other steps that can be taken to achieve the same result.

Wear It Often When the Sun Is Out!

The warm rays of sunshine aren’t just good for us; it’s wonderful for your leather jacket as well! This is a widely used DIY tip when it comes to removing musty leather smells. Why? Direct sunlight can help to neutralize external surface odors that emanate from your leather jacket.

Take the jacket out of its cool hideout and place in the sun for a minimum of 8 hours. The UV rays from direct sunlight will penetrate the surface, wiping out odor causing residue.

A Fresh Breath of Air Is Lovely

Like humans working inside a stuffy office need fresh air at the end of the day, so does your leather jacket.

Remember, it’s made from a porous material, i.e. odors from sweat and mold can seep in from them. A steady breeze and open space are ideal for removing this smell from your leather jacket.

Place on a clothes line and hang the item for at least 24 hours. Make sure to check the daily weather report for rain or other harsh conditions.

Leather Jacket Cleaning – Choose DIY or Professional?

You can also give leather jacket cleaning a try, whether you have a vintage styled leather jacket or one with a designer label.

However keep this in mind: it’s better to give your expensive and valuable leather item to a professional leather and dry cleaning service. Give a call to Imperial Valet Services Inc. and let us help!

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