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Professional Dry Cleaning Works Its Magic in Different Ways!

Professional Dry Cleaning Works Its Magic in Different Ways!

Professional Dry Cleaning
9 Sep

Professional Dry Cleaning Works Its Magic in Different Ways!

Laundry is such a confusing chore. Just separate the dark/colored clothing items from the whites and you’ll be fine, they say. What about accidental shrinking of your favorite skirt? What about color leaking and fading, causing your brand new top to resemble a washed-away paint palette.

Doing laundry at home or even the local Laundromat isn’t an easy feat… think hours of ironing and folding clothes, putting them in the right places. More horrifying is the fact doing laundry at home doesn’t have a pause or stop button. This is a weekly fixture that you must perform or else no clean clothes to wear at work!

Try Professional Dry Cleaning – Here Are the Reasons Why

Who would have thought cleaning clothes would become so easy? With professional dry cleaning, you can enjoy great convenience as well as 100% cleaning results, not found in DIY laundering. But that isn’t all! Following are some more advantages of professional dry cleaning that make this process definitely worth it:

Extends Life of Your Garments

There are many who believe frequent cleaning damages clothes especially if the fabric is delicate. This is a common misconception! In fact frequent cleaning of garments and clothes extends the life of that particular item.

This process not only cleans but also maintains a garment by removing stains and ground-in soils and dirt.

Less Abrasive Process than Laundering

The world is becoming conscious over cleaning products and other chemicals used in this process. Green cleaning technology and solutions are being used today, instead of commercial and even DIY options. This is because some clothes require gentleness when it comes to cleaning without result being compromised.

Your delicate clothing items require special care, not found with just any cleaning process. The best cleaning practices are always formulated after years of experience, something that professional cleaning services have.

Can Perform Large Item Cleaning Splendidly

When was the last time you washed the large down comforter adorning your bed? When was the last time you took down window hangings and gave them a good cleaning at home? You won’t remember because this is something most homeowners avoid doing, if possible.

Professional dry cleaning services are happy to clean such items for you, picking the dirty ones and dropping them off when clean and fresh. This saves a lot of time and effort as cleaning drapes, oversized comforters, area rugs and slipcovers aren’t easy items to wash and dry.

The Dry-Cleaning Process Itself Is a Convenient and Wonderful Marvel

Let’s talk about the dry-cleaning process itself, as this is also one advantage that users enjoy. As per the term ‘dry-cleaning’ – this innovative cleaning technique doesn’t use water when cleaning clothing items. With the help of a dry-cleaning solution, soils and stains are gently removed from fabrics.

Another advantage of dry-cleaning is the process’s ability to dissolve oils and grease without ruining delicate fabrics. Natural fibers such as silks and wools can shrink, distort, or lose color when cleaned in water.

Even washing synthetic fibers like polyester isn’t a good idea as oily stains can still remain after cleaning. Dry-cleaning is the best answer when cleaning these tough to clean fabrics! So, don’t chuck your polyester shirt in the washing machine! Give the fabric new life by choosing dry cleaning services only from Imperial Valet!

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