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Preparing Your Winter Wardrobe? Here Are Some Knitwear Washing Basics To Get You Started

Preparing Your Winter Wardrobe? Here Are Some Knitwear Washing Basics To Get You Started

10 Oct

Preparing Your Winter Wardrobe? Here Are Some Knitwear Washing Basics To Get You Started

Falling temperatures and breezy winds indicate the time to pull out winter wear. Although wool blankets, cotton jumpers, and fuzzy socks sound comforting, you must be careful when washing knitwear.

Machine washing your knitwear requires careful fabric consideration, using the right wash temperature, and a suitable detergent. This blog will discuss common knitwear types and how to make them last longer. If you are unsure where to start, you can also go to a professional dry cleaning service!

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Knitwear Washing Basics You Need To Know

There are two basic types of knitwear: cotton and wool. Below are a few factors to consider when washing each:


1. Washing Cotton Knitwear

Cotton is easy to wear and also keeps you warm during the winter. It is also easy to wash and doesn’t need too many careful instructions to maintain. Cotton also doesn’t readily shrink upon each wash and can be easily treated for stains. If you have a cotton jumper that needs washing, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Temperature: Cotton is sturdy and can withstand water temperatures as high as 40 degrees. However, we recommend sticking to temperatures below 60 degrees. It is always best to check the clothing label before proceeding.


Wash cycle: Most washing machines come with different washing options. If you have an advanced cotton wash cycle on yours, it may be the best-suited option for a range of cotton clothing.


Washing detergent: More or less, most washing detergents offer the same benefits. If you are unsure about the type or quantity of detergent to use, it is best to opt for a dry cleaning service.


Fabric softener: A fabric softener retains fabric color and elasticity, making it last longer.


2. Washing Wool Knitwear

While cotton’s strength provides its durability, wool is much more delicate. Wool items such as jumpers or socks require hand washing or a delicate machine wash. Here are a few washing tips to protect  your wool wear:


Temperature: Temperatures higher than 30 degrees may shrink your wool garment. Always turn down the wash temperature to adjust to the specific requirements of your wool items.


Wash cycle: If your machine has a wool washing option, use it for extra care with your items. If not, you can always use the gentle setting to accomplish the same or similar results.


Washing detergent: Powdered detergents can cause more damage to wool. Use a gentle detergent to make your fabric last longer.


Use fabric softener: A fabric softener can protect your jumper from damage during the wash by preserving its softness and elasticity.

We recommend reading your clothing label thoroughly before any washing session. The best way to safeguard your clothing is to know how to wash and dry it using the information provided by the brand.


Sterling Cleaners To The Rescue!

You can now make sure your clothing items are cleaned properly with Sterling Cleaners. We are a dry cleaning service with about 80 years of experience in the field. Our team of professionals offers multiple services such as dry cleaning, wash and fold services, shoe repair, and commercial laundry facilities for individuals and businesses.

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