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Outsource Your Hotel Uniform Laundering Needs!

Outsource Your Hotel Uniform Laundering Needs!

Hotel Uniform Laundering
9 Sep

Outsource Your Hotel Uniform Laundering Needs!

The hospitality industry is expanding in the U.S., with newer establishments opening nearly every other week. You might be thinking of jumping on the bandwagon or you may already be operating a successful diner in the heart of Washington D.C.

Either way, ensuring your hotel’s or restaurant’s employee uniforms are clean and tidy is the very first task you’ll have to worry about. This is incredibly important considering customer perception about a restaurant or hotel begins with how well employees are dressed.

Outsource your hotel uniform laundering to nail the first impression on customers!

In-House vs. Outsource – Which Laundering Option Is Better

Investing in an on-site laundry unit does mean more control but also more work for your employees. More importantly, end results i.e. how clean hotel uniforms are after laundry really depend on the employee assigned the duty for that day.

On the other hand, enlisting help of a professional laundry service for all your hotel laundry and uniform needs will ensure you have one thing less to worry about! How do outsourcing laundry services help hotels and restaurants with their uniform and other laundry cleaning needs?

Commercial Laundry Services Offer Cost and Energy Efficient

You can enjoy great savings utilizing local commercial laundry services for a number of reasons. High volume laundry means:

  • Your labor can be productive and used elsewhere
  • Water, cleaning solution, and electricity at the facility can be conserved

Commercial Laundry Services Are There When You Need Them

Large scale hotels and popular restaurants require a ready supply of clean and fresh laundry (table linens, pillowcases, hotel uniforms). Commercial laundry services are ideal for this reason!

Many take online orders for their services, at day of the week as well as provide free pickup and delivery of laundry. Even with delivery costs, commercial laundry services offer long-term economical benefits in this regard.

Commercial Laundry Services Offer Safety and High Quality

It’s incredibly difficult to maintain safety and high quality during laundry processes in the hospitality industry especially if you are operating a popular restaurant or hotel.

Additionally, you run the risk of accidental injury of employees (as well as damage to machinery) if something were to happen. Commercial laundry services are professionals who have been providing their services for a long time, therefore know how to conduct a cleaning job properly.

With so many benefits decorating commercial laundry services, why not outsource your laundry needs and sit back while this part of your operations runs smoothly! Call Imperial Valet today for laundry pickup and delivery.

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