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Your Mom Was Right: Here’s Why You Should Separate Your Laundry

Your Mom Was Right: Here’s Why You Should Separate Your Laundry

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3 Mar

Your Mom Was Right: Here’s Why You Should Separate Your Laundry

Washing dyed cloths with white or bright colored clothes can wreak havoc on the pearly whiteness of your white clothes. And if you’ve ever experienced this, you probably now know that your mom was, in fact, right. However, separating white laundry from the dark ones is not it; you’re still at a risk of ruining your clothes if you’re not sorting the laundry based on its type and color.

If you love your clothes, it’s viable to ensure proper care during sorting and washing. Here are a few tips to preserve the whiteness of your clothes in the long run.

Separate the Dark Clothes From Light Ones Your Darks & Lights

Many people believe that if they wash their clothing with cold water, the colors won’t mix up. In reality, however, mixing laundry can faint the color of your darks and make your whites look shabby and dull over time. It won’t be noticeable after just one wash, but you’ll be able to see the difference after a few washes for sure. Just please sort it, alright? It will take a few minutes!

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Another trick is to turn your winter clothing and other heavy clothing—such as jeans—upside down for better color preservation.

Don’t Wash Bed Sheets, Quilts, and Towels With Clothing


It’s ideal to wash the bedding and towels separately for two reasons.

First, towels and bedding are heavier items and can add to your laundry load. Your washing machine is effective as long as the load is bearable. An overly burdened and packed tub won’t be able to clean off dirt and stains on any of the items, whether clothing, towels, or bedding.

Another reason why you should refrain from washing towels with clothing is that the towel fibers can create tiny fuzz balls in the machine that may cling on to your clothing. These fuzz balls can be pretty annoying and hard to get rid of.

Also, it’s also beneficial in maintaining the fuzziness and softness of your towels and bedding.

Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Washer

Laundry Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning

After every round of dark laundry, make sure you clean the tub of your washing machine and drain it properly before throwing your white clothes inside. If you have a newer model, you may not need to worry about it because they come with self-cleaning options. However, if you don’t, just put a small scoop of your regular clothing detergent inside the tub, add some water and give it a spin for a minute or two. Drain it properly and spin it in clean water for another few seconds. Drain and you should have a spotless washing machine!

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