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Here Is What Makes a Laundry Service More Efficient Than Others!

Here Is What Makes a Laundry Service More Efficient Than Others!

Laundry Service
9 Sep

Here Is What Makes a Laundry Service More Efficient Than Others!

It doesn’t matter what style your leather jacket is – this piece of clothing is to your wardrobe what a chick black mini dress is to your weekend barhopping: critical! A leather jacket is a staple piece of clothing, necessary in its essentiality and beautiful aesthetics.

Yes, cleaning your leather jacket will require more TLC as compared to the rest of your outerwear clothing essentials. What does this mean? You cannot (repeat that again) just toss your prized leather jacket in the wash and hope for the best. Seriously, don’t do that!

Make Your Leather Jacket Smell Fresh and New With Professional Laundry Service

This is one thing that guarantees a good result for any type of clothing. A professional laundry service will be better equipped to handle cleaning of your leather jacket better than a simple home wash and dry can hope to achieve.

Following are just some benefits of Imperial Valet’s laundry service that makes it more efficient than DIY laundry wash and fold.

It Saves Time

Time is money for many people leading busy lives, at work and home. This is why enlisting the help of a professional laundry service is the best idea! Not only will the Washington laundry service wash and clean all clothing items in the right manner, they’ll fold clothes before delivering at your doorstep.

Doing laundry properly is incredibly time consuming. Many designate an off day from work (usually over the weekend) to do their laundry which doesn’t leave time for other commitments.

It Saves Clothing

How many times have you washed your rayon skirt in the machine and it came out wrinkled and shrunken? How many times has the color from an overly bright scarf bled and seeped into your cotton button-down shirt? Too many times! With professional laundry services, at least you won’t have to worry about accidentally ruining your clothes.

It Saves Money

laundry pickup and deliveryEnlisting the help of a professional wash and fold laundry service for your monthly laundry requirements will save you a lot of money, overtime.

The washing equipment at professional laundry pickup and delivery services is high powered, advanced, and simply more effective in removing dirt and other impurities from clothes.

Your expensive leather jacket doesn’t stand a chance with DIY cleaning. The result won’t be the same as when cleaned by a professional! Having Imperial Valet clean, wash and fold your laundry will also help save on energy and water costs.

So pick up the phone and schedule a free pickup from your home or office today!

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