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Little Known Laundry Practices That Are Greatly Beneficial

Little Known Laundry Practices That Are Greatly Beneficial

laundry practices
9 Sep

Little Known Laundry Practices That Are Greatly Beneficial

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average woman spends 17 minutes on laundry, while men spend 5 minutes on the task.

Most people—who are not laundry junkies—start feeling exhausted the moment laundry practices is brought up. It’s a tiring task that needs to be taken care of every few days—or every other day—depending on a family’s requirement and preference.

Can my clothes please wash themselves? We’re afraid they can’t. But there are hacks that can lessen the amount of time and energy you spend on doing laundry. Keep reading to find out what we’re talking about:

Laundry Practices – Develop a Routine

Some people find it convenient to wash their clothes every day; they think that designating a specific day to laundry is exhausting, as the clothes pile up.

Others think that washing their clothes once a week consumes less energy, as they don’t have to think about doing laundry every day after a long day at work that way. Choose a routine that works for you.

Remove Stains Right Away

A major part of laundry time is spent getting rid of stubborn stains. Instead of trying to get rid of these stains during laundry time, though, clear them up with club soda, lemon juice, or hydrogen peroxide before you begin your laundry routine.

The less time you spend on getting rid of stains, the quicker you can get out of the washing area and back to the comfort of your living room.

Image showing laundry practices

Use Multiple Hampers for Sorting

Sorting clothes takes as much time as doing laundry. It’s even trickier when all the colors are jumbled and you can’t figure out where to begin.

Depending on the number of categories you sort your laundry in, place multiple hampers in your washing area. And instruct all family members to color-code the laundry and put it in the designated hamper. This will not only sort the laundry automatically, but will also save you from a considerable amount of effort.

If you’re someone who does laundry once a week, get a ‘right away’ hamper for clothes that can’t wait a week to be washed. Instruct your children to only dump clothes in it during high priority situations.

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