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Leather Care 101: How To Clean The Dirtiest Leather Jacket In Your Closet

Leather Care 101: How To Clean The Dirtiest Leather Jacket In Your Closet

A girl in a leather jacket
8 Aug

Leather Care 101: How To Clean The Dirtiest Leather Jacket In Your Closet

A leather jacket never goes out of style; it isn’t only a versatile and elegant choice but a fashion statement as well. A stylish leather jacket will help you shine at parties but it needs a certain amount of care.

Even if you only wear it at parties, it is bound to get tainted with stains over time. But that doesn’t mean you need to protect it as a sacred piece of cloth and wear it once a month. It only means you need to invest more time and energy in maintenance.

Here are a few leather cleaning tips to help you out.


Knowing Your Leather Jacket

The first step to cleaning your leather jacket is knowing what kind you own. Each type has its own set of requirements.

When it comes to buying a leather jacket, you should always prioritize a lambskin leather jacket over any other. Lambskin ages well over time. It has a finer grain than a traditional jacket, giving you a more supple look.


Use A Soft Bristled Brush

If you feel like your jacket is getting rustic or dusty, you can always use a soft-bristled brush to brush it out. You should carry a small one with you always so you won’t have to be embarrassed on occasion when there’s too much dust around.


Invest In Leather Conditioners And Cleaning Sprays

Leather cleaners are a good way to get the stains out of your jacket. Just use a damp cloth and dab the cleaner onto the stained area. Don’t rub too much into it to prevent the cracks. Clean the affected area with a damp cloth to remove the stain.

Furthermore, you also need to invest in a good quality leather conditioner. A good leather conditioner will retain the shine and improve its longevity.


 Multiple jackets on a rack at a suede and leather cleaning service in DC

Hire Suede And Leather Cleaning Service In DC

At Sterling Cleaners, we understand the high maintenance that goes into leather cleaning. Our cleaning specialists have years of experience and know how to remove the stain in no time.

Other than suede and leather cleaning services, we also offer laundry and dry cleaning, wash and fold, and commercial cleaning services to the residents of DC.

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