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Learn Proper Ironing with These Tips

Learn Proper Ironing with These Tips

11 Nov

Learn Proper Ironing with These Tips

Ironing done properly can really change how nice an outfit will end up looking. There are many things people don’t normally think of when ironing at home. For example, irons have many options and temperature settings which need to be adjusted according to each type of fabric being ironed.

This blog discusses techniques to properly iron your clothes and how professional dry cleaning and pressing services can help.



Ironing Your Clothes: A Simple Guide

If you have a bunch of clothes to iron, start with the ones that require low heat first. Your iron heats up quicker than it cools down, and this way, all your apparel will receive the right amount of heat. The steps mentioned below highlight a proper ironing job:


Clean Your Iron

If you don’t want to leave stains or marks behind, make sure your iron is clean. A dirty iron affects the steam function and the functionality of the iron at large. Scrape the soleplate of your iron with warm vinegar water for some quick cleaning.


Read the Care Label Carefully

Most clothing manufacturers print several instructions, but you can also check the manual of your iron for suitable temperature settings. Typically, a low setting is best for nylon, a medium one for polyester, and a high ironing temperature for cotton.


Use Water When Ironing

Using water improves the steam function of your iron and clears out wrinkles more efficiently. Using filtered water avoids calcium residue from clogging the steam spouts. Professional dry-cleaning uses steam to iron clothes and kill any remaining bacteria on your clothes.


Use an Ironing Board

An ironing board is designed to absorb excess heat and moisture from the iron. Ironing in a proper area will allow for smoother iron gliding and cloth safety, as some surfaces can be flammable.


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