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Keeping Up With “Dry-Clean Only” Clothes

Keeping Up With “Dry-Clean Only” Clothes

1 Jan

Keeping Up With “Dry-Clean Only” Clothes

Imagine getting a $150 dress from one of your favorite store only to wear it twice and realize it says, “DRY-CLEAN ONLY”—all caps.


Keeping up with dry-clean only garment can be quite tiresome and a big hassle.Picture1

What if you ruin your fabric if you accidentally wash at home? Does the specific clothing item really need to be dry-cleaned only?

You need to know exactly what fabric requires dry-cleaning in order to salvage it.

Here’s a list for you to keep up with which clothes needs to be dry-cleaned:


If your garment has more than 60 percent of silk, it needs to be professionally dry-cleaned. Laundry wash can ruin the delicate fibers of the cloth. More than often, it also causes bleeding of the color in the fibers.


Chiffon is delicate. Washing in the washer can cause distortion in the fabric, ruining the overall look of it. Often times, it also causes dye-loss which means your chiffon dress or shirt will fade over time or lose its real color.


Wool requires some proper care. It is a delicate fabric which loses its shape and fibers. It depends on your woolen fabric if it requires wool or not, some wool needs to be strictly washed in cold water with bare minimum detergent other needs professional dry-cleaning or not at all. Read the garment instruction properly too see what is best suited for your garment.


The ever chic and classy fabric is a mix of viscose and acetate which needs a definite visit to dry-cleaners. But here also see the instruction properly, certain velvet don’t need dry-cleaning but other such as expensive velvet need to be dry-cleaned only.

Wear Your Dry-Clean Only Clothes Less Often

The more you wash them, the more it will affect the lifespan of the garment. Hang your clothes to air-dry after one wear and wear them again before getting them washed again. To avoid sweat stains, try not to wear sleeveless top underneath.

Do What the Tag Says

If the garment is particularly expensive, you really don’t want to risk putting it in the washer for an experiment.

For instance, woolen fabrics absorb the chemicals used in dry-cleaning which might causes more damage to your garment than simple washing.

Also, have your clothing item dry-cleaned by professionals instead of experimenting with it in the washer.

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