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How To Keep Men’s Shoes In Top Condition

How To Keep Men’s Shoes In Top Condition

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6 Jun

How To Keep Men’s Shoes In Top Condition

Be it casual or formal, shoes can make or break any outfit. Think of it as an important investment. A pair of good quality shoes can last for years if you take care of them. However, different types of shoes require different cleaning and polishing methods.

From suede to leather, here are some simple ways to keep your shoes looking their best:


Let’s start off with the essential men’s shoes i.e., leather.

Leather shoes are expensive and easily susceptible to dirt and dust. Therefore, you need to clean and polish them often.

Use a clean cotton cloth to wipe off visible dust and dirt. Then, use a good quality polish to enhance their luster.

You can use either wax or cream polish. Both these products can be used together or interchangeably. While cream polish cleans and conditions, wax polish adds a glossy touch to leather shoes.



As suede shoes have a soft texture, you need to handle them with care. Buy a suede cleaning brush or a nylon brush to clean them. Use gentle strokes to brush your shoes. In addition, make sure that the shoes are dry. Never brush wet suede shoes because you may damage its natural shape.

As a rule, brush your shoes after every use. Buy a silicone-based suede protector spray. Always test the spray on a small surface before using it. This helps ensure that the spray does not change the color of your shoes. For roughs stains and marks, rub a suede eraser on the affected area.

Another great tip is to rub a small amount of talcum powder into stains and grease spots. Leave to dry for some hours in order to let the shoes absorb moisture.


Use a cotton cloth or towel to clean leather boots. If your boots have dirt or mud, rub them with a wet paper towel and then follow up with a dry cloth. Leave them to dry for some time. For thorough cleaning, use a bit of leather balm and neutral cream on your leather shoes.

Meanwhile, wet suede boots should be dried first. Use a piece of soft cotton cloth to wipe off mud or dirt. Thereafter, sprinkle some talcum powder over the affected area and let it dry overnight. Brush your shoes with a suede brush the next morning.

Don’t use water to clean suede boots. Water can run its texture and color.

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