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Is Taking Your Wedding Dress To The Dry Cleaners Safe?

Is Taking Your Wedding Dress To The Dry Cleaners Safe?

1 Jan

Is Taking Your Wedding Dress To The Dry Cleaners Safe?

Your wedding dress represents one of the most special days of your life. And with time, that dress becomes a reminder of how far you’ve come in your relationship with your partner. We understand the feelings one carries about their dresses and therefore have a gentle yet thorough process for your wedding dress cleaning.

Giving your wedding dress for dry cleaning is a decision best taken after some research. Here are some pointers to help you choose a reliable service provider.


1. What Does Its Label Say?

The first thing you should do at home is to look at what the label of your dress says. Usually, expensive clothing items come with a label that highlights instructions on how to care for them. This label might say something like “dry clean only,” which tells you exactly how the dress is to be cleaned.

Your wedding dress cleaning should only be done using gentle solvents. Speak with our experts to determine which ones they are.


2. Does It Have Embellishments?

If your dress has sequins, pearls, or buttons, it’ll need some extra care when having it cleaned. Often these embellishments are glued onto the dress, and if the proper care isn’t taken while dry-cleaning them, they can come right off.

Our dry-cleaning experts use steam presses and organic chemicals to execute your wedding dress cleaning properly, so you can rest assured that we’ll take good care of your dress.


3. Does It Have Any Stains?

If you spot any stains on your wedding, don’t attempt to clean them using any products or tools at home, as that can ruin your dress. You should let an expert remove these stains, as they might require special cleaning agents.


A wedding dress hanging from a wooden door


Hire Us To Dry Clean Your Wedding Dress

Is there an event coming up that you are thinking to repurpose your wedding dress for? At Imperial Valet Services, we’ll treat your dress with the utmost care and use organic solvents to clean it if needed. We’ll also make sure that all embellishments and netting work on your dress remains preserved while doing a thorough cleaning to make sure there are no stains left behind.

We can also deliver your dress to your office or your home, as well as perform shoe repairs, laundry wash & fold, and alterations if you need us to. For more information about how we’ll handle your wedding dress cleaning, call us at (202) 785-1152.

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