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How to Care For Your Sweatshirts This Winter?

How to Care For Your Sweatshirts This Winter?

A sweatshirt dry cleaned by a professional laundry service.
1 Jan

How to Care For Your Sweatshirts This Winter?

Winters and sweatshirts go hand in hand. While getting ready for winter, we all love the cozy feeling of a baggy sweatshirt against our skin; we’re comfortable, and we never want that to change. It’s never fun when a fluffy sweatshirt loses its shape.

Here are some tips for taking care of your favorite sweatshirt.

Use A Mild Detergent

Properly caring for your fleece or cotton sweatshirts can extend their life. Start by making sure you’re using the right detergent, as people tend to get overwhelmed with the various formulas, fragrances, and brands. It’s best to use a mild detergent that has a subtle fragrance, as the fragrance contains harmful chemicals that can ruin the texture of your sweatshirt.

Remove Harsh Stains Instantly

Stains can’t be avoided; they’re part of our life. But letting a spot stay on your sweatshirt is a bad idea. Washing stains instantly can help remove them without much damage being done to your sweatshirt. It’s best to use a stain removal product that doesn’t have harsh chemicals. You can try natural stain removal products at home as well.

Don’t Use Fabric Softener

Fabric softeners give the illusion of keeping your sweatshirt soft. However, the particles in these products build up on the clothes and make them rougher. They also tend to ruin the material of the sweatshirt, so it’s best to avoid them.

Turn It Inside Out Before Washing

Turning your clothes inside out can safeguard them while they’re washed. We wash our hoodies and pullovers with zippers and strings inside out as well, to avoid tangling or pulling.

Wash It with Similar Items

Washing your sweatshirts with heavy items like denim or leather can cause damage. Moreover, towels have a high amount of lint in them, which is attracted by fleece, so it is advised to not wash them together to avoid an uncomfortable texture on your sweatshirt.

Don’t Use the Dryer

Air drying is a better idea for your sweatshirts, as it doesn’t involve any chemicals. Running your fabric through the dryer seems easier, but it involves harsh chemicals that are found in the dryer sheets. These can make your sweatshirt rough and pilled.

A lady washing a sweatshirt in Washington, DC

Don’t Hang Your Sweatshirt

It’s important to think about the weight of your sweatshirt along with its material. Most are on the heavier side and hanging them might deform their shape. Fold them properly to reduce wrinkles and creases will increase their lifespan.

Give Them to A Professional Laundry Service

You can also give them to us if you have a busy schedule, and we can take care of your garments. We use mild detergents and carefully wash and fold your laundry. You can contact us to get a free estimate and get your laundry picked up at your convenience.

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