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How To Care For Delicate Fabrics?

How To Care For Delicate Fabrics?

6 Jun

How To Care For Delicate Fabrics?

Caring for delicate fabrics will require dry cleaning services, as silk, lace, and chiffon can get damaged if they are machine washed. In order to maintain the quality of your special clothing items, such as wedding dresses, you need to use dry cleaning services in DC.

This will ensure that they can stay in their original pristine condition for years to come. Here are some tips for taking care of delicate garments with dry cleaning services in DC.

Read and Follow the Care Instructions

To ensure your garments are taken care of, always read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. By following the care instructions provided on the tag, you can ensure that you are cleaning your garments properly.

Certain clothing items should be hand-washed while others need to be dry-cleaned after each use. By following these instructions, you have already made progress in caring for delicate garments.

Hand Wash Or Use The Delicate Cycle

Delicate fabrics are often required to be hand washed as that is the gentlest way to clean them. You can also use the delicate cycle option on your washing machine to clean clothes. By placing it inside a laundry bag, you can protect the item from excessive agitation and tangling with other items inside the washer. We recommend this for lingerie.


Avoid Harsh Chemicals and Bleach

If you are washing delicate fabrics, you need to steer clear of hard chemicals such as bleach. The best way to wash delicate items is by using a mild detergent. That’s because using harsh chemicals will hurt the fabric and even cause it to lose its color.


Iron With Caution

To care for delicate fabrics, you have to be careful when ironing them. Certain items are not made for the high temperature of iron, so you can steam them instead. You can also place a cotton cloth on top of the delicate fabric when ironing it to protect it from direct heat. This will ensure that there is no snagging or burning.

picture of a wedding gown 


Store It Properly

If you want to care for delicate fabrics, you must find the appropriate way to store them. This will ensure there are no stains and that dirt and bad odor does not harm the clothing item.

You can also avoid folding it to ensure no harsh creases form. If you have a wedding gown that you want to store, consider using the wedding gown preservation service in DC. Imperial Valet Services Inc. provides a wide range of specialized services in DC and has many satisfied customers.

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