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Helpful Tips To Make Your Work Boots Last Longer

Helpful Tips To Make Your Work Boots Last Longer

12 Dec

Helpful Tips To Make Your Work Boots Last Longer

Yes, good quality work boots are expensive and difficult to take care of, yet work boots are an essential part of our work uniform.

A pair of good quality work boots will instill the feeling of everyday safety and comfort for the wearer, deeming this footwear an essential requisite.

Yet, when it comes to buying work boots, ‘the cheaper, the better’ approach is wrong on so many levels.

Keep this in mind: skimping on work boots won’t be cost-effective at all. You want to make it last!

Invest In a Pair of Good Quality Work Boots

When it comes to work boots, quality automatically equals to ‘expensive’. Investing in good quality boots that last for a long time is actually going to be cost effective, even if incredibly costly! Cheap boots will just be that, cheap in stitching, used fabrics and overall workmanship. Cheap quality isn’t a recipe for long-lasting boots!

Treat Your Boots the Minute You Buy Them

Weather-treating footwear is the only way to save them from the ravages of changing weather. Buy a commercial water-based stain and water repellant for your boots and apply before wearing them. Water damage is the worst for leather, which is the common fabric used to make work boots.

Even the least amount of water can stain leather and cause the fabric to stretch or shrink. When applying, follow exact directions for periodic retreatment. You can also hand your work boots to experts, especially if they have already suffered water damage.

Use Cedar Tree Shoes Overnight Inside the Boot

Moisture from sweating feet can damage the insides of your boot. Prevent this by placing cedar tree shoes when boots are not in use, i.e. overnight.

This will help retain proper shape and allow air circulation. Placing good quality tree shoes inside the work boot will also keep away that musty old boot smell that doesn’t seem to go away even after repeated scrubbing.

Consider Buying Two Pairs of Work Boots

Your boots will last longer if they are given a break in between wearing them.

Buying a second pair of work boots will help; you can just switch the two pairs between days. This practice won’t change the shape of either pair of boots too much and even provide ample drying time.

The final verdict is… trying to save money on your work boots by spending less isn’t the smartest decision.

You need to think of your work boots as an investment! So, buy good quality, durable work boots and take care of them by handing the footwear to Imperial Valet!

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