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Got Gum on Your Leather? Here’s How to Clean it Off!

Got Gum on Your Leather? Here’s How to Clean it Off!

Image showing Suede and leather cleaning in dc
10 Oct

Got Gum on Your Leather? Here’s How to Clean it Off!

Getting rid of chewing gum stains can be tricky. Although gum doesn’t stick to leather unless it’s melted or pressed down with a heavy object, it won’t come off easily once it clings onto it.  Whether it’s your car leather upholstery, your new sofa, or your shoes, there are some things that you can do to remove gum from your leather item.

In this blog, we’ve compiled some very effective hacks to help you out in a gummy situation!

Leather Clean – Use the Icing Method

You don’t need to be Queen Elsa from “Frozen” to use ice when you’re in trouble. Take an ice cube and rub it on the gum stain. This will freeze the gum and harden it, enabling you to chip it away easily.

Don’t rub the ice directly on leather. Instead, use an ice pack or place the ice cube inside a sealed plastic bag to prevent the water drops from damaging your leather. When the stain is hard enough, scrape it away with a hard, flat object like a butter knife or a credit card. Don’t use anything with a sharp edge; you don’t want to risk gouging your leather.

Image showing Suede and leather cleaning in dc

Bring Peanut Butter to the Rescue!

If ice didn’t help, peanut butter may.

Get an all-natural peanut butter and apply a small amount to the area where the gum is stuck and allow it to sit. After a couple of minutes, wipe it off with a clean, damp piece of cloth, and clean the area off of any moisture. Apply a leather conditioner when it’s done.

Note: Make sure to cover the entire stain with peanut butter but avoid using it in excess as peanut butter oil can stain some types of leather if it’s applied for too long.

Blow It Away with Your Hair Dryer

Bring your hairdryer to the highest temperature, point the nozzle at the gum stain and turn it on. Keep blowing in a circular motion until the gum softens. Use a flat hard-edged object to scrape off the gum when it’s soft. If you aren’t successful in cleaning the entire thing in one go, repeat the process on the leftover gum stain; this time, rub a dry cloth on the soft gum in circular motions. This will turn the remaining gum into tiny balls, allowing you to easily clean them off.

Clean the affected area with leather cleaner and apply a leather conditioner after the process is completed.

Stick stuck with a gum-y situation? Get in touch with us.

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