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Fabric Care Tips To Try This Season

Fabric Care Tips To Try This Season

4 Apr

Fabric Care Tips To Try This Season

Every fabric has its own unique requirements when it comes to cleaning it. Putting all your clothes in for a wash at once will only ruin the pieces. The colors of some pieces may run, staining lighter clothes, or other pieces could shrink in the wash.

Here are some ways to care for various fabrics:


Linen is a lightweight and airy fabric that’s perfect for summers. Linen trousers and shirts are quite popular and now’s the prefect time to start wearing them.

When washing linen pieces, make sure the water is never warmer than 60°C, using warm water on this fabric will make it look worn out. This fabric tends to run so it’s best to separate your linen pieces to ensure other pieces don’t get ruined.

If you are trying to remove a stain from linen clothing, make sure it doesn’t contain bleach. Bleach is too harsh on this fabric and will weaken its fibers and also fade the dye on the area it is applied.


Silk is a super delicate fabric that’s also very expensive to produce. Silk pieces are therefore more expensive and need to be taken care of really well.

Due to this fabric being fine and fragile you’re better off hand washing it. Use a super gentle detergent to clean it too. Leave these pieces out to air dry. Make sure you don’t iron this fabric as it’s likely to burn.


Cotton is a durable fabric that’s used all over the world. It’s lightweight and therefore ideal for warmer weather since it’s also absorbent.

For the best results, wash cotton pieces in warm water with a detergent that won’t draw out its color. Make sure the water isn’t hot as that can fade your clothes. For cotton towels, we recommend using half the amount of detergent and an extra rinse too. We also recommend air drying these pieces to prevent them from shrinking.

Synthetic fibers

Synthetic fibers include rayon, polyester, spandex, and acrylic. These fabrics are known for their incredible stretch. When washing these pieces, turn them inside out and wash them with regular detergent. Tumble dry these pieces on a low setting. For nylon we recommend some fabric softener to prevent static from building up.

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