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Exclusive Designer Dress & Dry-Cleaners

Exclusive Designer Dress & Dry-Cleaners

Designer Dress & Dry-Cleaners
12 Dec

Exclusive Designer Dress & Dry-Cleaners

It’s an established fact that ladies love to shop!

From finding the right top for work, a sequin dress for a night out, or a matching silk scarf. Our style speaks a lot about us.

But after the event, when that outfit comes off, who do you trust to care for your fine garment? To maintain your designer delicacy, it is essential to have it cared for by a professional.

Here’s why:

Your Silk Can Shrink!

Don’t you just love your Emilio Pucci dress? There is no way you want that silk dress to shrink and let those thousands of dollars go down the drain. Silk is exclusive and a sensitive material. When washed with water, it can shrink and lose its color. Some silks also get stiff. The detergents find home in the intricate fabric and doesn’t wash out properly, which makes the fabric stiff.

Dry cleaning uses organic solvents to remove soil and stains from the fabric, which helps maintain its original texture.

Those Sequins Can Fall Out!

That Elie Saab embellished sequin dress must be the fanciest number in your collection—the instant wow factor!

A spill at a party and you decide to throw it in the machine for a quick spin; don’t!

This dress needs a professional dry cleaning. All those sequins have been placed intricately in the dress and can easily fall off with a rough washer and dry spin cycle. A delicate and well-planned cleaning regimen is the only thing that can help you keep the sequins from falling off and ultimately ruining your dress.

Velvet Can Lose Its Vintage Look!

Deep hues, soft fabric and simply elegant, velvet has been a charmer since a long time. Along with being charming velvet is also a very delicate and fragile fabric. Taking care for fragile fabrics can be a big hassle at home, since one minor mistake could lead to a big disaster.

If your tag says Dry Clean Only, follow that! It will only help you keep its finesse and interior structure of the fabric in its top condition.

Chiffon Dress May Crinkle!

Chiffon is sheer, lightweight and delicate fabric. The way it is weaved, it has a texture compared to other delicate fabrics, so people assume it can bear the harsh machine cycles without any harm.

Distortion, yarn spillage or dye loss can be easily caused due to heavy pressure applied by machine wash. Chiffon responds well to dry cleaning. The mild lubricants help retain its texture.

If you are looking for dry cleaning services DC, try Imperial Valet Service Inc. You can have your exclusive designer outfits cleaned, retaining its elegance for a long time!

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