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Everything about Dry Cleaning

Everything about Dry Cleaning

2 Feb

Everything about Dry Cleaning

Have you heard of the proverb, ‘clothes make the man’? People in general always wear clothes that make them feel and look good. Just as it’s impossible to live without breathing, in the same way, it’s impossible to make a lasting impression without clean and crisp-looking clothes. Would you go to your friend’s house, a formal work dinner, or any other event in a dirty outfit? No, you wouldn’t. No matter how much you avoid them, stains are inevitable; however, you can always get rid of them with proper cleaning.

Some clothes start smelling after being used and reused. Often ,oil-based stains, grease, and chemical stains like ink don’t get completely removed with water and detergent, which is where professional dry cleaning is needed.

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is where clothes are cleaned without using water. That somewhat explains the word ‘dry’ in dry cleaning though it isn’t completely dry. It’s just that instead of water as a solvent, professional dry cleaning uses chemical solvents to do the job. Many stains are stubborn, and the only way to remove them is through dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning isn’t for fancy clothes alone, as people believe it to be. We at Imperial Valet believe that even everyday clothes deserve extra attention.

How is Dry Cleaning Superior to Laundry Wash?

Wet washing or laundry wash causes the fibers to swell. When the fibers swell, it causes the fabric to shrink and its dyes or colors to fade. The dry-cleaning solvents are superior to water, plus they can get rid of oily and greasy stains way better than water can.


Steps Involved in the Dry Cleaning Process


 A picture of chemical solvent bottles


The following steps are involved in a professional dry cleaning process.

Step 1: Identification and Inspection
When you leave your clothes at the dry cleaning service or have them picked up by us at Imperial Valet, we inspect your clothes and identify them with a tag. Our tag stays on your garments until you pick up your clothes or they are returned to you.


Step 2: Spotting and Stain Removal
After inspection and identification, our experienced and well-trained dry cleaners get to work ad start removing those tough stains and spots with the help of specialized solutions.


Step 3: Sorting Garments
We then sort out your garments by color and category and pay special attention to manufacturer instructions regarding care.


Step 4: Dry-cleaning
Once the sorting is completed, the dry-cleaning process starts where our cleaners use solutions according to international standards to remove dirt and grease safely from your garments.


Step 5: Drying
The garments are then dried in a special machine in temperatures appropriate to that particular fabric or manufacturer instructions.


Step 6: Pressing and Finishing
Your clothes are then pressed to give them their crispy clean look and steam-ironed to remove wrinkles and restore their shape and body.


Step 7: Final Inspection and Packaging
After the final inspection, clothes are then prepared for drop-off or collection.

Are you are interested in having your garments dry-cleaned, head over to Imperial Valet in Washington, DC, for the most reliable professional dry cleaning serviceSchedule a free dry cleaning pickup and delivery service. For more information about our services or queries, get in touch.


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