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Dry Cleaning Myths: Debunked!

Dry Cleaning Myths: Debunked!

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10 Oct

Dry Cleaning Myths: Debunked!

According to statistics, washerwomen during the Civil War earned more than even soldiers. Each laundress was assigned 20 to 30 men. And if they washed the clothes of soldiers’ spouses or families, they could make even more. The pay for these services was deducted from the soldiers’ salaries. This shows how important laundry is to our lives.

According to a survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women spend around 17 minutes on laundry, while men spend only 5 minutes on it on a daily basis. Most of this time is spent on removing stubborn grease or oil stains. However, these precious moments can be saved if we develop a habit of handing our clothes over to a trusted dry cleaner.

People think they know everything about dry cleaning. In reality, what they believe are myths that have built up over years. The following are some myths that probably believe too:

Myth no. 1: Dry Cleaning is ‘Dry’

The term ‘dry cleaning’ does not mean that your clothes remain dry during the process. It only means that water is not used when your local dry cleaner cleans your clothes. Instead, certain petroleum-based liquids are used to get rid of stains on your clothes.

The most commonly used solvent in tetrachloroethylene, which dry cleaners often refer to as ‘Perc.’

Myth no. 2: Only Clothes That Specify ‘Dry Clean Only’ Should Be Dry Cleaned

All kinds of clothes can be taken to your local dry cleaner. Moreover, clothes that specify ‘dry clean only’ can be handwashed with a mild detergent. The only difference is that when drying them, never shove them inside your dryer. Instead, lay them flat on a surface to let them air dry.

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Myth no. 3: Excessive Dry Cleaning Will Weaken My Clothes

The fact is that dry cleaning makes your clothes last longer, helping them look shiny and crisp for a long time.

If the stains and spots on your clothes are not taken care of properly and in a timely manner, they will oxidize and leave behind permanent brown stains—which will be much harder to remove.

Myth no. 4: Dry Cleaned Clothes Can Be Left In Dry Cleaning Bags

When you pick your clothes from the dry cleaners’, make sure that you take them out of the clear plastic bag. Your clothes need ventilation and air to get rid of any possible odors from the chemicals used during dry cleaning. The humidity in the plastic bag will only make the odor stronger and oxidize any invisible stains.

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