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Dry Cleaning – 4 Truths You Should Know

Dry Cleaning – 4 Truths You Should Know

12 Dec

Dry Cleaning – 4 Truths You Should Know

Why do we reserve dry-cleaning for only our special clothes? Why do we treat our casual clothes with DIY home remedies that don’t make any difference to state of the stain?

There are many misconceptions in regards to how we take care of our wardrobe – especially when it comes to dry-cleaning, using home remedies for stains, and whatnot.

The real trouble lies in having limited information and understanding of clothes care labels that usually include the right way to clean that garment.

In the following, we have demystified some common misconceptions that people still believe in.

Using Club Soda for Stain Removal Will Actually Make It Worse

Home remedies for cleaning are usually home-made solutions that have been passed in the family for generations or taken from the internet by DIY crazy individuals. Using home remedies that feature vinegar or club soda will often make stains worse!

This is because both items cannot be used for all clothing fabrics. Additionally, to ensure successful stain removal, you must look at the type of stain and fabric.  Other points to remember:

  • Stains shouldn’t be rubbed – even with slight pressure
  • Effective stain removal equals to quick pre-stain removal treatment!

Invisible Stains DO Matter, Just The Same As Visible Ones!

There are some stains (oily substances, sugary beverages) that ‘disappear’ when they dry, this doesn’t mean the stains aren’t still there! Such stains usually make a surprise reappearance with time or when exposed to heat, if not treated immediately.

Refrain From Putting Dirty Clothes Away For the Season

Raise your hands if you’re guilty of stowing winter clothes, without giving them a scrub first.

Garments collect our body’s skin cells and natural oils, even if worn only a few times. Packing them away without dry-cleaning will attract moths that will eat away at the fabric. This is also why our winter clothes give off a musty smell when we take them out the next year. Lessen your job by handing over all your dry-cleaning to Imperial Valets!

Care Labels on Garments Are Attached Before Testing Them

Not many people know this, but garment manufacturers attach the ‘care’ labels before even testing out the fabric. This means instructions mentioned on the label can possibly ruin the garment if you try them at home.

This also means DIY jobs must not be carried out if the garment is expensive or delicate—like cashmere or leather.

No fabric is completely colorfast. Schedule a pickup and drop-off with us. It’s always best to be safe rather than sorry, don’t you think?

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