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Dry-Cleaning 101: Pieces That Should And Should Not Be Dry Cleaned

Dry-Cleaning 101: Pieces That Should And Should Not Be Dry Cleaned

4 Apr

Dry-Cleaning 101: Pieces That Should And Should Not Be Dry Cleaned

The best way to maintain the look and feel of various fabrics is to clean them the right way. Some materials are too fine and can get ruined in the wash, while others might require a hot water to clean it.

Dry cleaning is a unique way of cleaning clothes, a solvent is used to remove dirt and stains from the fabric. This solvent is gentler than water as water can damage certain fabrics. Often people don’t know which articles of clothing require dry cleaning and which don’t. Our experts have prepared a list of fabrics that require dry cleaning:

Fabrics that require dry cleaning


Silk is an expensive fabric that’s known for its fine quality, spectacular sheen and soft texture. It’s often used to create stunning dresses since it flows really well.

Silk garments look good, no doubt, but any stains can show up very prominently and they are difficult to remove too. Scrubbing this fabric affect its shine and disturbs the delicate threads.

Silk, therefore, requires gentle cleaning agents, which is why dry cleaning is the best option. The solvent used in dry cleaning is effective at cleaning the fabric and removing stains.


Velvet is a soft and luxurious fabric, but it’s very tricky to keep clean. Velvet pieces attract dust and debris which affects its rich color. Washing velvet ruins its texture. It’s best you hand it over to a dry cleaner to take care of it for you. Our experts do a great job at removing stains from velvet too.


Now that winter has finally decided to bid farewell, most people will be putting their warmer pieces away. We advise clients to have their woolen jumpers and dresses dry cleaned professionally to ensure they are ready for the next winter.

Woolen pieces must never be put in the washer. The cycles in a washing machine are too harsh and leads to friction of the fibers, ruining the look of the pieces.


Cashmere is a luxurious material that’s also really expensive. Its super soft fibers must be carefully cleaned which is why dry cleaning it is the best way. The solvent dissolves any dirt and grime on the jumper, without disturbing the fibers.


Leather is a very popular material that’s mainly worn during fall and winter. Leather jackets and skirts never go out of style, however, cleaning such pieces is difficult. You can’t throw them in the wash or give them to a laundry. Leather pieces are cleaned in a particular way to ensure the texture of the material as well as its shine are maintained.

Fabrics that can be washed



Cotton is one of the easiest materials to work with. It’s breathable, absorbent, lightweight, and versatile too. Cotton pieces are easy to clean as well, just a simple wash is enough.


Polyester is a synthetic fabric that’s widely used to manufacture clothing. It’s easy to clean and is most popularly known for its wrinkle-free quality. Polyester pieces are best washed in warm water or as the label says.

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