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Dry Clean Or Simple Wash? 5 Reasons Why Dry Cleaning Is Safer

Dry Clean Or Simple Wash? 5 Reasons Why Dry Cleaning Is Safer

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8 Aug

Dry Clean Or Simple Wash? 5 Reasons Why Dry Cleaning Is Safer

Clean clothes shouldn’t just be a nice-to-have but a must-have for everyone since they say a lot about an individual. However, no matter how much you try to avoid stains, they’re inevitable, and you may eventually end up spilling wine or a cheesy sauce on your favorite outfit.

Now, you have two options to get rid of the stain: a laundry wash or a dry cleaning service. Today, we’re here to explain why dry cleaning is the wiser choice.


1. There’s No Water In Dry Cleaning

Even the word dry cleaning suggests as much that there’s no water involved during the whole process. Dry cleaning uses a water-free liquid solvent to treat oily and greasy stains. The process is detergent free as well. So if detergents make your skin itch or trigger your allergies, then dry cleaning should be your ultimate choice.


2. Prevents Color Bleeding

Color bleeding usually happens when the fabric gets wet and leaks the color into the water. Since there’s no water in dry cleaning, color bleeding doesn’t become a problem. Your whites are safe from these sorts of accidents.

Escaping these issues also helps preserve the color of clothes, so they don’t look faded after a few dry cleaning rounds.


3. Clothes Last Longer

Multiple spin cycles are not easy for fabrics as they can cause the fibers to break down over time. Dry cleaning prevents that from happening. It’s a relatively gentler process and can increases the durability and longevity of your clothes.


4. Shrinkage Doesn’t Become An Issue

Different fabrics have different shrinkage rates, but all are prone to it when they come in contact with water. Dry cleaning resolves that problem as well.


5. Wrinkle Free Clothes

Ironing is not fun for any of us. Fortunately, clothes that come out of a dry cleaning cycle make this easier for us by being wrinkle-free.

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