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What Your Diners Are Leaving Behind On The Table Linen?

What Your Diners Are Leaving Behind On The Table Linen?

Table Linen
9 Sep

What Your Diners Are Leaving Behind On The Table Linen?

There is a rule that says “Spills are inevitable especially when using our best table linens”. It happens every time, clean and white table linens are taken out with the fancy silver and plates. Food is enjoyed, spills happen when ladling out steamy Thai curry or chilly corn carne, a bright offending red or green against the white.

You wave away the stain, thinking about enjoying the lunch. Slowly guests begin to trickle away. That is the time when you inspect the damage done to your once pure white table linen.

Stains That Your Diners Leave Behind

Damage on table linens used in restaurants and other popular eating places (including your home) is commonly done by one or more of the following food items:

  • Candle wax
  • Gravy
  • Tea or coffee
  • Salad dressing
  • Tomato sauce
  • Butter
  • Red wine
  • Olive oil
  • Any food item (liquid or dry based)

Each of these food items have a different method of cleaning if done at home or at your restaurant premises. The end result is almost always disappointing because white table linens need a little something extra when it comes to complete stain removal!

Common Myths about DIY Cleaning of Table Linens

DIY cleaning of table linens will only leave you disappointed with the result, even after strong commercial cleaning solutions are used. In fact, many times people take out a freshly washed and ironed tablecloth and see brown rings and blotches, when there shouldn’t have been any! Why is this?

Stains Are One of Two – Either Water-based or Oil-based

This is the truth that you must understand before chucking your grandmother’s white and gold tablecloth in the washer at home. Also keep this in mind:

Coffee and red wine are water based stains. These can be easily removed during washing using special stain removers.

Oil based stains come from gravy, butter, or salad dressing and aren’t completely removed even after washing at home or the local Laundromat. Another thing to remember is: some water based and most oil based stains will be difficult to remove without professional help.

Why Is That?

The reason fats and oil remain in linen even after being washed with special cleaning treatments is their not insoluble nature. You must have noticed how clean and stain-free freshly washed table linen is when taken out, only to discover yellow or brownish stains marring the fabric.

Water-based stains sometimes act in the same way, if the spill contained more than one element. Coffee with cream or milk is an example – with the other two acting as non-dissolving proteins.

Professional treatment is required to completely clean table linens especially if you are unsure about the nature of stains marring the fabric. Get in touch with Imperial Valet and enjoy free laundry pickup and delivery!

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