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The Dilemma of Leather Cleaning

The Dilemma of Leather Cleaning

12 Dec

The Dilemma of Leather Cleaning

Washington DC is an international powerhouse. This is where the world’s only military super power is administered.

Expensive suits, jackets and garments made from sensitive materials are regular dress code for the city’s residents who broker deals that impact our entire nation.

However, maintaining these delicate garments is a challenging task. Here are some of the numerous obstacles to cleaning leather clothes.


Mold is a primarily airborne fungus that latches onto leather items. Leather shoes, handbags and jackets are all vulnerable to its wrath.

The parasite appears as a kind of black or brown stain on the item in question. The larger its presence, the more difficult it is to remove.

Moreover, extreme precaution has to be taken as mold releases spores when being removed. These spores are a health hazard and can damage your lungs unless the correct procedure is followed.

Ink Marks

Any ink splotches that stain leather are problematic because ink is a dye. This causes it to be absorbed by the leather.

Hence, special products have to be used to remove the stain. However, these cleaners also dissolve the garment’s own color in the process of washing the stain. Professional dry cleaning companies are capable of fixing this situation because after removing the ink stain, they recolor the bleached area to match the rest of the suit.


Wrinkles and crevices can easily appear on leather objects; it is animal skin after all. But they are usually smoothed out during the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, they can easily reappear in leather items after being cleaned. This is typically because of reckless drying methods that shrink the dress. Careful and professional dry cleaning can guarantee that wrinkles do not form on the leather.


During the manufacturing process, leather is inundated with many oils and chemicals that are intended to keep the material soft and fresh.

However, in many cases, these substances get washed out during the cleaning process. This adversely affects the texture of the leather, which takes away its charm. The best dry cleaning services in DC should be capable of maintaining the garments suppleness by inducing it with oils and other products once again after being cleaned.

Impressive attire is a necessity. Hence, it is important that you let a wash and fold laundry service handle your leather cleaning requirements.

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