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Why Commercial Laundry Is Worth It!

Why Commercial Laundry Is Worth It!

Commercial Laundry Service
8 Aug

Why Commercial Laundry Is Worth It!

What is the one thing that everyone hates doing yet cannot go a single day without? Laundry… this one word brings immediate feelings of grudging acceptance. We despise laundry days, but it’s an important chore that must be done!

If homeowners hate doing this chore, imagine how hotel and guesthouse owners must feel! 

Commercial Laundry Service – Many Benefits and Fewer Risks

Operating a guesthouse or even a small hotel in Washington D.C. requires absolute finesse when it comes operating your establishment.

The hospitality industry is brutal to newcomers, judging the quality of the place from observing something as ordinary as the tablecloths and napkins.

Do you want to offer the best possible service to your guests? Focus on giving a positive picture of the establishment first with the help of commercial laundry services. Here is why:

Handling Tough Stains on the First Try

Commercial LaundryFirst impression is the last impression especially if you are an up-and-coming restaurant in D.C. Appearance of your servers and cooks will matter as much as the state of tablecloths presented to customers.

What happens to fabric when any kind of food is involved? Stains, most of which are difficult to remove! This is where a reliable commercial laundry services comes in the picture. Equipped with industrial tools, equipment and solutions, cleaning hotel uniforms and tablecloths becomes easy. You won’t have replace employee uniforms or linen more frequently!

Fast and Convenient Pickup and Delivery

Running a small guesthouse can make you forget about less important things, such as picking or dropping laundry to your local laundry service.

Similarly, your staff may be too busy to include laundry cleaning (if performed in-house). Laundry pickup and delivery helps a lot in this regard.

There are many commercial laundry services that don’t provide pickup and delivery of items.

Imperial Valet offers pickup of dirty laundry and delivers clean, neatly folded items to your doorstep. This saves time and unnecessary transportation costs.

Can Clean Any Amount of Dirty Napkins, Tablecloths, and Linen

Commercial laundry services usually cater to hotels and restaurants as well as other establishments outside of the hospitality industry. They are equipped to easily handle any number and type of linen and clothes items!

It doesn’t matter if your high-end spa uses luxurious quality Egyptian cotton tablecloths or some other material.  It doesn’t matter if your weekly load is incredibly high or even low. The exact same quality services will be provided.

Are you looking for the most reliable and expert commercial cleaning service in the Washington Metropolitan Area? Give Imperial Valet a chance! We take the stress out from your laundry day, providing top-notch service 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Call us today!

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