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Choosing a Restaurant Table Linen

Choosing a Restaurant Table Linen

Restaurant Table Linen
8 Aug

Choosing a Restaurant Table Linen

A first-time customer’s perception of your restaurant takes in everything from the time he enters the establishment, to sitting at the table. It’s very important to make a good first impression, which is why restaurant owners utilize the best in everything for each table – sparkling silverware, gleaning wine glasses, sweet scented candles and pure white and clean table linens.

You may have to pay extra attention on certain elements more than others especially when operating a fine dining restaurant. Table linens are an incredibly important part of any fine diner’s experience. Choosing beautiful ones is just the stepping-stone, not just for aesthetics but also in an economical sense.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Table Linens for Your Restaurant

Depending on the size and theme of your restaurant, you’ll be using several pieces of table linen including napkins, tablecloths, table runners and table skirts. Choosing the ideal ones will provide two main advantages:

  1. Covering flaws on already damaged furniture
  2. Protecting new tables from scratches, graffiti, and water rings

Of course you will consider dominating theme of the restaurant when purchasing table linens, yet also consider the following:

  • Design and color
  • Price
  • Fabric and texture
  • Cleaning and maintenance requirements
  • Usage requirements
  • Theme of your dining facility

Quality of your table linens is also important as cheap quality items don’t last very long compared to high quality purchases. Yes, how you clean and maintain your restaurant’s table linens will also make a huge difference.

Choosing Table Linens According To Theme 

White is usually the go-to linen color, in some instances it may be the wrong decision. Always consider purchasing table linens according to type of restaurant you own before focusing on other factors.

Fine Dining

This type of dining equals to having a luxurious eating experience, usually chosen for special occasions and holidays. Fine dining is about elegance and class, which is why white tablecloths and napkins make a perfect choice.

Giving your customers a high end dining experience that requires a reservation? Set your tables with a more layered white tablecloth that goes well with any solid and rich color.

Casual Dining

This kind of dining experience shouldn’t be confused with fast-food dining. Nowadays casual dining restaurants are improving their game, choosing many elements of fine dining in their establishments.

Casual dining restaurants promote a livelier and more relaxed atmosphere. Brighter colored linen shades can help.

Besides choosing restaurant table linens as per theme and usage requirements, it’s important to take cleaning and maintenance into account. You don’t want to buy table linens in bulk that are difficult to clean and maintain, considering the many stains they’ll be subjected to every day.

Or you can appoint commercial laundry services to take care of cleaning of all table linens used by your restaurant. Best yet, the service offered by Imperial Valet’s highly economical and provides free laundry pickup and delivery!

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