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Can Dry Cleaning Make My Clothes Last?

Can Dry Cleaning Make My Clothes Last?

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11 Nov

Can Dry Cleaning Make My Clothes Last?

Dry cleaning and laundry are the two common methods for cleaning tough stains and dirty clothes. While all of us have done our laundry, many still consider dry cleaning to be an expensive option and this keeps them from trying it out.

In this blog, we’ll discuss why dry cleaning is a great option and how investing in it extends the life of your clothes.

Dry Cleaning Is Gentler Than Washing Machines

Some types of fabrics—particularly, acetate, triacetate, rayon, and leather—are highly sensitive to water immersion. They can also be permanently damaged under the high temperatures in machine dryers. Dry cleaning is a relatively less harsh and slower process that doesn’t harm the texture and color of the fabric. Most importantly, it doesn’t involve water or use of harsh detergents that may affect the quality of delicate clothes with embroideries and embellishments. You don’t have to risk the beautiful appearance of your expensive wedding gown, suits, and restaurant’s table linens when you can just simple get them dry cleaned!

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If you plan to get your clothing laundered, make sure you’re hiring a high-end laundry service that uses natural and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

It Preserves the Quality of Your Fabric

Some manufacturers do not mention it in the clothing labels, but their clothes can actually shrink. And tear if they are washed in aggressively tumbling washing machines with harsh detergents. If you are not aware of the type of fabric, colorfastness, and special needs of your clothing item. It’s safer to hand it over to a reliable dry cleaner who can give you a better suggestion. If you’ve ever witnessed any of your friends or colleagues wearing frayed sweaters or blotchy silk dresses. You’ve probably seen damage induced by traditional washing machines.

Removes Tough Stains More Efficiently

Dry cleaning involves the usage of special solvents that penetrate deep inside the fabric. And remove all sorts of stains, grease and bad odor from its roots. Without using any harmful detergents, dry cleaners give your clothes a fresher look and a new, extended life!

For top-quality dry cleaning services, get in touch with Imperial Valet. We provide reliable dry cleaning services, that won’t harm your clothes at all! For free dry cleaning pickup and delivery in DC, call us today at (202) 785-1444 or (202) 723-9535.

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