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A Guide to Separating Clothes for Laundry According to Their Fabric and Color

A Guide to Separating Clothes for Laundry According to Their Fabric and Color

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9 Sep

A Guide to Separating Clothes for Laundry According to Their Fabric and Color

Doing laundry itself is a tedious task, and sorting clothes adds another layer of unwanted difficulty. However, no matter how boring it seems, it’s essential to separate clothes for laundry according to their fabric and color.

You might be wondering why is even sorting that important? Incorrect sorting of clothes is one of the main causes of laundry problems. Not only is it important to separate clothes based on colors, but also based on how heavily they’re soiled.

Over the course of this blog post, we’ll list and discuss some easy ways of separating and sorting clothes for laundry.

Colors Are Important

As mentioned earlier, it‘s important to separate clothes based on color. You should ideally make five different groups: whites, lights, darks, brights, and denim.

The white group consists of clothes that are white or have a white background. The light group consists of clothes that are in pastel colors. The dark group mainly consists of black, red, green, and navy, etc. The bright color group contains colors like yellow and orange. The last group is not a color, but it is highly recommended to wash your denim articles separately.

Separating your clothes based on fabric

After dividing your clothes into different colors, the next step is to sort by fabric. This is an easy step as you can always check the laundry label of each article that provides instructions on how to take care of the item.

You might be wondering that since towels and sheets are of different fabrics, should I not wash them together? The answer is yes. One common mistake that many people make is to wash towels and sheets together. However, people do not realize that towels should be washed in hot cycles, whereas sheets require warm cycles.

Ensure your clothes aren’t spoiled by sorting based on soil

It is vital to scrutinize which clothes are heavily soiled. Heavily soiled garments are those that have extra dirt and stains. If your item has a small stain on it, it can be washed with other clothes. However, if it’s very dirty, it should be separated.

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