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8 Ways to Make Your Laundry More Eco-Friendly

8 Ways to Make Your Laundry More Eco-Friendly

4 Apr

8 Ways to Make Your Laundry More Eco-Friendly

We are all worried about climate change and global warming, but many of us don’t know what we can do to save our planet. Every human can play a role in saving our earth by changing a few everyday practices and switching to more organic products. The laundry process also involves the use of toxic chemicals and machines that use huge amounts of electricity, and we can all reduce their consumption with just a few small changes. Here’s a guide that will help you make your laundry more eco-friendly.


Wash Your Clothes by Hand

Washing machines consume large amounts of electricity and add on hundreds of dollars to our household expenses. Kids and baby clothing items can easily and efficiently be washed by hand in the sink. Delicate items made of expensive fabrics like silk and lace should also be hand washed instead of in the machine so they can be safe from wear and tear.


Use Organic Detergents

People around the world are now switching to green cleaning products and prefer to use them over other types of substances because not only do they contribute to saving the planet but are also more effective at removing tough stains. Regular detergents are usually just marketing gimmicks and aren’t as great as they claim to be when it comes to stain removal.


Reduce the Use of Your Dryer

Household drying can easily be switched to outdoors. Hanging your clothes out to dry them will not only save you a couple of hundred dollars on your electricity bill but will also help you avoid spending on drying sheets and other unnecessary products that all have a negative impact on our environment.


Clothes drying on a clothesline outside.


Use Cold Water

Water heaters consume a ton of electricity and should be avoided. Clothes can easily be washed using cold water and do not affect their colors or fabric quality.


Stop Using Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners have a bucketful of chemicals that you do not need in your homes. They just add to polluted air quality in your household, and apart from costing you a lot, they do not have any solid function. Skip the fabric softener and use half a cup of white vinegar per wash to keep your clothes fresh and crisp.


Avoid Using Bleaching Agents

Bleaching agents are made up of chemicals such as perc, phosphate, and formaldehyde. All these substances are volatile and highly toxic. They should be avoided and can easily be replaced with a baking soda and vinegar mixture to spot clean tough stains.


Purchase an Eco-Friendly Washing Machine

Investing in an eco-friendly washing machine might be a great decision. These machines are not energy-efficient and hence cost-effective but also use much lesser amounts to do the washing and drying.


Seek the Services of an Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaner

If you have busy schedules but would like to play an active role in saving our planet, you can use the services of an eco-friendly drying cleaning service provider. They use sustainable methods and environmentally friendly products for all their washing and drying processes, so you don’t have to worry about environmental damage and can wear crisp and fresh clothes every day.


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