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6 Reasons to Choose Dry Cleaning Over Regular Washing

6 Reasons to Choose Dry Cleaning Over Regular Washing

Professional Dry Cleaning Services in DC
5 May

6 Reasons to Choose Dry Cleaning Over Regular Washing

Our wardrobes are filled with clothes that have different textures and materials. Some are natural, while others are synthetic. Some are made out of cotton, while others are made from animal skin. Each of these materials requires a different style and level of care.

When you look at the tags or care labels of most of your clothes, you find a “dry clean only” instruction. Have you wondered why most manufacturers recommend dry cleaning? We will make it easier for you to figure it out. Scroll down to read the reasons why dry cleaning is a better choice compared to regular cleaning:


Dry Cleaning is not Abrasive

Regular washing can be really hard on your clothes. Detergents have bleach as an active component that damages the delicate fiber of your clothes with every wash. However, dry cleaning methods are less abrasive. Our professional dry cleaning services in DC ensure minimum use of water. We use special solvents to protect cloth fiber and preserve the new look of clothes.


Removes Hard Stains More Easily

Detergents are not very effective in removing hard stains. You need to vigorously rub the stains to remove them, resulting in permanent damage. With professional dry cleaning, you can rest assured that the toughest of stains will no longer be there when you receive them back from the dry cleaner.


Dry Cleaning Saves Time

Regular washing means you will wash them, press them and fold them. Only the idea of washing can give you a headache. Dry cleaning is easier in this perspective too! You can leave all that washing, pressing, and folding to a dry cleaning service. All you need to do is drop your clothes at the dry cleaners and pick the perfectly cleaned and ironed clothes back. Imperial Valet makes it even easier for you with a free dry cleaning pick-up and delivery service in DC.


Handles a Wide Variety of Materials

With professional dry cleaning services, you can get any type of material cleaned. They can clean all types of clothes with ultimate perfection.

Dry cleaners can also handle any size of clothes or other objects like bags, blankets, quilts, and even curtains. This is a facility you cannot have with regular washing.

Saves Water

In regular washing, you need a lot of water, from soaking to rinsing. Water has other minerals like salts in it that have negative effects on clothes’ fiber and color. Dry cleaning, on the other hand, uses minimum water without compromising on cleanliness.


Washing with Water


Keeps Your Clothes in Perfectly New Condition

With regular washing, most clothes lose their original color and condition quickly. The soda and bleach in detergent react with the fabric and color of your clothes. This results in discoloration and deterioration in quality. Dry cleaning does quite the opposite. The absence of harsh soda and bleach components and specialized cleaning products ensure minimum damage to your cloth and preserve its original color.


Avoid the Hassle of Washing, Leave it to Our Professionals

Whether your clothes need washing or dry cleaning, Sterling Cleaners has the perfect solution to all your problems. With over 80 years of experience, we are the most trusted choice of people around Washington DC. We provide free pick up and delivery for laundry and dry cleaning. We are the market leaders in both domestic and commercial dry cleaning and laundry services in DC.

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