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6 Laundry Mistakes To Avoid

6 Laundry Mistakes To Avoid

6 Laundry Mistakes To Avoid


Love it or hate it, laundry is essential to preserve the freshness and quality of your clothes – if you do it right. It’s quite common for people to make crucial mistakes that can harm their clothes.

From using excessive detergent to washing everything together, here are the most common mistakes you should avoid:

#1: Using too much detergent

Avoid using too much cleaning detergent because it leads to soapy buildup in clothes. Measure the detergent properly. The rule of thumb is to use less cleaning product for soft water, while more detergent for hard water. Start with a small amount of detergent and then increase the amount gradually, if needed.

Similarly, most people tend to overuse bleach or use the wrong laundry detergent. Use a cleaning product specifically designed for your washing machine. Avoid using loads of bleach. Bleach is not just harmful for your clothes, but also your skin. It can discolor clothes in the long run, leaving them yellowish. Most stains don’t even require bleach.

#2: Putting detergent directly on your clothes

Don’t put the laundry detergent directly on clothes. Place all the clothing items into the machine first. After that, add some water and then pour a small amount of detergent.

In case of bleach, pour water first and then laundry, which is followed by the detergent.

#3: Washing everything together

Although it’s convenient, you should not wash all your clothes together in one go. In order to prevent color run, separate the light colored and dark colored items.

#4: Mixing socks with clothes

How many times have your socks gone missing after laundry? Place dirty socks in the machine first. Thereafter, place other clothing items. This minimizes the chance of losing socks.

#5: Vigorous rubbing of stains

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to rub tough stains vigorously. Try to dab it, gently. Excessive rubbing can make the stain worse. It can also damage the fabric.

Try to wash the stain immediately. The longer you wait, the tougher it will get to remove it.

#6: Washing ‘dry clean only’ items

Certain types of materials, such as leather and suede, should be dry-cleaned only. Always read the instructions on the label. If it says dry clean only, don’t hand wash it.

These are some quick and easy tips to take care of your laundry. For best results, get in touch with us. We offer complete residential and commercial laundry services, which includes laundry wash and fold, as well as FREE pickup and drop anywhere in the Washington Metropolitan area. Aside from laundry, we also provide dry cleaning and alterations for a variety of clothing items.

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